Non teeth arm corps?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Looks like I may have to make a big decision this year about where I am going with my TA service.

    Question is what is it like in the CSS units? I've heard loads about teeth arms but my civilian CV is far far more suitable for a Sigs post within a CSS unit.

    Possibly I could stay where I am and maybe get loaned out, but my unit wasn't that receptive to a G2/G6 support request that come from another ARRSE member.
  2. Within your average RLC Regt the post is usually as a Driver Radop which sits at Tp, Sqn and Regt levels. Most of the fleet is being bowmanised including the DROPS MMLC's, although having looked at another thread, I am not aware what level of comms it is for.
    Life is a 50/50 mix of maint weekends and FTX's with most of these being trucking ops with and a few dismounted exercises. Your fortunate in having one of the better Transport Units on your doorstep in the shape of 150 Tpt Regt RLC(V).
  3. Thanks. RLC Driver Radop also work at Bde level in some non RLC/logistics Bdes.

    I would have partly answered my own question if I'd not been away on camp with TA (missed an important meeting).
  4. Ever considered the Royal Regiment ? All RA units need good signallers and if you are in West Riding then look at 269 Bty who are currently re-roling to STA using COBRA, MAMBA and ASP
  5. They were my first choice@SDR but I don't think they had any gaps for Cpl/Sgt. Intend to keep current cap badge.
  6. They'll have the same role as the HAC? (Sorry for going off topic.)
  7. Is that true? Don't HAC use boots combat high for their surveillance stuff.
  8. Yes and no, HAC like 4/73 mount STA patrols (live in hole, shiite in bags), 269 like P and K Btys conduct STA via radar or sound ranging
  9. Ask again, rerole may mean more posts at that rank range, when I was a sound banger our TROOP had room for 2 WO2s and its own Sig Sgt (the Bty Sig Sgt was a staffy)

    Not sure the new orbat
  10. Thanks. Didn't know there were different STA roles.
  11. thanks for the PM's and posts. I'm not moving to another corps, I enjoy doing Sigs stuff maybe at work rather than TA (I do my TA job description more 9-5 than weekends)