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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pablo_Escobar, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience of being Non Tax Resident in the UK. ie working in the sandpit but being a member of the TA?

    Does this have an affect on being Non Tax Resident?
    An affect on your days in country?

    PM if necessary
  2. The Tax man is looking hard at so called Non Residents (& those Not Ordinarily Residents).
    There take on it these days is whether you have severed ties with the UK. Ie, do you own a house here, is your family here, do you regularly return here to visit them, are you registered with a Doctor or Dentist here, do you have any vehicles registered to an address in the UK, is your mail delivered to a UK address, are utility bills in your name & with a UK address, are your bank accounts registered to a UK address; are you a member of the TA???? Who knows if it will have an effect?

    Best regards,
    ex- Not Ordinarily Resident, pissed off, TAX Paying, West African expat worker.
  3. I've just got off the phone to a little old lady in Wales who deals with this.
    As long as you keep your days to less than 91 in the UK it does not affect your Non tax resident status. Declare your days worked on your tax return (you will be taxed on your TA earnings).
  4. Good luck with the taxman.
  5. You won't be permitted to reclaim PAYE tax on your TA earnings, even if you are completely non-UK Res/non-dom and paying tax on any UK income to a foreign country under a double-taxation arrangement.

    I had two lots of accountants try, and they were basically told to fcuk off, as no provision had been made to cover the concept of TA personnel not actually being UK resident. The half-dozen or so expat colleagues from my TA pool all simply wrote the tax off as a gift to HMG. I was unable to reclaim PAYE even on two sandpit tours, even though I was completely non-res at the time - ie just in UK long enough to collect my kit and pass through RTMC.

    With the tightening of HMRC's concept of domicile and "days in UK" (travel days now counting as "in"), you be extremely foolhardy to risk your expat status going over the limit by doing TA service - the days are best kept for emergencies. Frankly, given the current shite attitude towards private UK taxpayers AND TA personnel, my advice would be to sack the TA and concentrate on your career....
  6. I have been working NT for most of the last 10 years, I am in receipt of an Army pension and have always found the little old lady in Wales (Ty Glas) to be very helpful and a great source of useful advice and information. In an age where the tax man is coming in for a lot of stick for the recent mistakes highlighted in the press, it is good to know that some parts of the system still exist to help and do what they say on the tin.