Non tactical knees

I can still outrun and outtab many younger folks, but went out recently on an infantry weekend field exercise and noticed that my joints have gone all non tactical. My ankle klicks and my knees pop :-( Not good for recce patrols on a quiet night! Anyone else got the same thing? Better, has anyone else solved it? Anyone know how far that sort of sound travels? Sounds like a twig snapping to me!
My nippers can hear me going up the stairs at night, my knee creaks so loudly. Glucosamine helps free the stiffness but I am seeing a quack about mine.
Cod liver oil is good for ageing joints.
So I'm not the only one! The cod liver oil didn't work for my ankles - every bloody step - KLICK - but will try the glucose thingies - perhaps a trip to the oriental herbalist shop down the road should be in order...
Yes I'm already taking cod liver oil bomb things nearly every day as I've been doing a fair amount of running. Still clicky though, as you say every bloody step!
cait said:
Amputation? From the neck down? :lol:
No I've got a crick in the neck too. Would have to amputate a bit higher. Er...
Would love to. Can I get one with THOSE instead of brains?

(oooh I've got a medal - how did that happen?)
soldier soldier said:
I am a youngen and my knees are fucked! I sometimes get striking pains in them, sometimes during a CFT or tab! Totally s***!
You need to get 'em looked at then. You run the risk of some serious problems later if you're getting that when you're young...

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