Non sweaty underpants! - advice requested

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by headgear, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. having just come back from a hot humid holiday where I was hand washing my kit in the sink each night after a days trekking I found that my standard cotton undercrackers were a pain to dry overnight

    can anyone out there recommend lightweight undercrackers that are sweat wicking during the day and dry quickly when dhobi'd?

    - and before anyone says it yes I had plenty of spare pairs with me but in the interests of packing light in the future or on scheme I was wondering if there are any recommendations outthere for suitable kecks which would also be comfortable to wear whilst tabbing/hillwalking etc.

  2. keep them on your body heat will dry them in time
  3. i don't know about you mate but personally i don't fancy siting in the bar in the hotel after a days walking with wet pants on!
  4. If you've made it as far as the bar, why would you need anything under your strides?

    Or were you thinking of impressing the locals in your shreddies?
  5. Perhaps he doesn't want to be lolling about like an elephant's trunk all evening, and appreciates the support.
  6. Donkies years ago I bought a huge pack of pants from one of those blokes with a massive suitcase that go round pubs flogging cheap stuff. A few days later I woke up with a really nasty rash all over my balls and arrse. I hadn`t been near woman for weeks as far as I could remember, but I shot down to the quack a bit sharpish. After a bit of poking and prodding he took a look at day-glo green and orange nylon pants I had on, and prescribed Marks & Sparks cotton. Let this be a warning Head :D
  7. the issue hot weather short things are brill i think, stopped all my chaffing!
  8. I'm with pacestick. Fecking awesome!
  9. You had to prompt the memory, didn't you.......? Not the arty forum I know, but pertinent to this thread?


    They were issued to him in ’75,
    With all of his other army kit.
    He had stood in a queue, a soldier, brand new
    And he was as happy as a pig is in shit.

    All the gear that they gave him, weighed heavy
    As he carried it back to his block.
    There were hats, boots and shorts – uniforms of all sorts,
    And two pairs of army green, “shreddies”.

    He had laughed as he held them against him,
    Jesus Christ, they came down to his knees!
    His forbears, in fact, to keep their dignity intact,
    Would have worn and been happy in these.

    The waistband was hugely elastic,
    The material some sort of mesh,
    With a vent in the middle, to allow a quick piddle,
    Loosely fitting to keep “the parts” fresh.

    He wouldn’t wear them in an ice age.
    They’d be confined to his large pack forever.
    They might get dragged out for the odd lark about,
    But his chances of wearing them? Never!

    Still, the years came and passed by quite quickly,
    Boots and uniforms began to show wear.
    But though his performance had slowed, his ardour still glowed,
    And he still had his moments here and there.

    Then came a particular “Exercise”
    When he suddenly found himself short.
    No more “Keks” in his pack, alas and alack!
    But, “Thank **** I’ve got these things” he thought.

    They still had their “Q” stores aroma
    As he showed them the bright light of day.
    They fitted a treat, stacks of room in the seat
    And so “bollocks” to what others might say.

    They had other, more subtle, advantages.
    Their drab colour was just about right.
    ‘Coz when all’s said and done, thick skid marks are no fun,
    But on these, not a one was in sight!

    Today’s shreddies can be very trendy –
    Boxer shorts, poser’s pouch, the Y front,
    But when they’re worn out of sight, then just who gives a shyte,
    Whether or not you might look like a cvnt?

    And if old Staff has occasion to drop them,
    For some friendly young damsel in need,
    She’s hardly likely to care or say “Ooh, they’re an old pair!”
    As she eagerly follows his lead.

    So, if you should see Staff in his undies
    And you’re thinking of taking the piss,
    Well, just before you do, then let me tell you,
    That you really should listen to this.

    His eleven year old son’s very trendy
    And his dress sense is right up to date.
    He follows fashion like no other passion
    And he thinks his Dad’s army “Shreddies” are great!
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. A poem about issue underpants. Now I have seen everything.
  12. those are what i'm talking about. Similar to cycling shorts, but without padding and thinner. the fit is a bit off, but they get rid of the sweat and don't stink after being in a sh!thole for weeks on end!
  13. It's very well written, even if it isn't up to the standards of Mr Kipling.
  14. Headgear, Why don't you try LOWE ALPINE dryflow briefs. I've used them for climbing and they are very good at wicking away perspiration.They're lightweight and very durable. They are available from Climbing / outdoor retailers. Give them a try.
    All the best .