Non-standard Bowman observation

Hello playmates, sorry to come up on the frequency all unauthenticated and whatnot- hopefully the net controllers on this channel won't mind a bit of light-blue traffic. I'm a non-rupert ATC instr.....(but don't hold that against me :wink:)

I'm here to get some gen from the pros (we RAF-types nick all your comms kit, anyway 8O please be kind to a poor old airman).

I'd tried asking my question on the website frequented by our ACF oppos ( refers), but I got no responses. I'll rbr it here to save bandwidth:

Does anyone have a link to a (public domain) clear close-up picture of the PRC-354 section-level Bowman radio? I mean in addition to the one on the main Army sigs website, which is not very clear.
So I now put this question to you folks: is there a proper Bowman web-page, lurking somewhere, with open-source info and pics, that is better than the not-exactly detailed official page?

But then I thought....hold on a mo....that's not just an unclear pic....surely it's not even the right piece of kit to correspond with the desc of a 354?!?

EDIT - further to my last: Am I correct in my observation that the first picture on the main British Army Bowman info page .... is actually incorrect? Isn't that is just another PRC-355, but in a manpack applique, with a couple of these 319-style military PDA messaging pads? That isn't a 354 at all..... if someone on this forum is connected back to Blandford, or just knows anyway, am I right in noticing this error?
Am I right?

I *think* I've maybe tracked down a pic (finally) of the 349/350 replacement (no thanks to British Army webservices), ie the 354, but I'm still not sure because of that official (I think incorrect?) page.

All (constructive) return traffic is welcome :D

asuman said:

Your not in the Taliban Int and Security Section masquerading as an Airman are you?
No, that was Lawrence of Arabia :D

Yes_Sir! said:
Wilf-san check your inbox.

PM sent.
Nothing received (just checked).... say again your last.

boney_m said:

Only image i could find via google.
That's my point, Boney: I reckon that's just another PRC355, top-right: it's far too big to be a 1kg actual replacement for the 349. Can't see that beastie being popped into a cdrs back pocket. They've got the wrong pic, surely? My theory is that the elusive 354 is off the picture, top-left, the int photog made a cods of it

Well spotted (spotter) ...... the 354 is a very small radio with a little keypad - neither of which can be seen on that picture !!

In the Doc at you can see someone wearing it although you can only see the keypad

Might look for another open source picture .. might

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