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Non-Staining Nyrex TAM Folder

Anybody tired of using Nyrex folders which will stain up when you leave Staedtler marker on them too long?
Or, have the notes from your TAM stick to the inside of the Nyrex when you remove the page?

CPGear in Canada has developed a new form of Nyrex sheet protectors called 'NoteGuard' which can be written on with Staedtler, left on indefinitely, then cleaned off using any sort of rubbing alcohol based solution, i.e. map correction pens, alcohol prep pads, etc.
The NoteGuard sheets also won't absorb photocopy or printer toner from your notes
They can also be written on using pencil and erased with a standard rubber eraser.

Check them out as part of the TACSOP Battle Book Covers which are available in Multicam and Coyote Brown here:

Anybody interested in getting a sample for a review can email me at matt@cpgear.com



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