Non Smoker in a four man room with three smokers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BadUn, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. My God-son has been forced to share a room, he is a Private, with three smokers. Is this right.
  2. Not to worry, he'll be smoking soon enough.
  3. Why
  4. Because RHIP. Thats why.
  5. Other than the wah factor.

    The other three must get f*cking cold, smoking is not allowed inside any military building.

    Is he missing out on conversation when they go outside :D
  6. Thats what i meant really, although, by my reckoning, CO's can make one Accn block a 'smoking' block, if they so wish.

    Perhaps the question should be:

    'Has my god-son started smoking, but needs to try and explain why his clothes all stink of fags without telling the truth?'

  7. I think your reckoning is wrong
  8. As long as he does not start smoking the other blokes you have nowt to fear :D
  9. I stand corrected then. Im in london at the mo, in one of them groovy SSSA flats, before that was STC in Germany, so havent lived in proper block for a while. :oops:

    I did read that the above could happen, i take it that plan was scrapped?
  10. Although, with Z type accommodation, individual rooms may be nominated smoking (so some say). I am almost certain no public area can be a smoking area, regardless of agreement.

    So you are not totally wrong. Buggers muddle as usual :D
  11. Im in luck when i get posted then! :D
  12. From the bad press that military accom gets, they don't need smoking in the blocks, they need burning !
  13. The Feckers are smoking in the room
  14. Individual rooms can be nominated as smoking. As for shared rooms, i don't know.