Non Running MG ZS 180 - How best to sell it?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by treborre, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. I am after some advice. I have a 2001 plate MG ZS 180 I want to get rid of. Not being a car mechanic type, I beleive the head gasket is about to go (blue smoke coming out of the exhaust). It is too expensive for me to fix, so I want to get rid of it for the best price possible. I can sell it to scrappage firms (for about £100+ or to someone who might be willing to do it up). Where is the best possible place to advertise this (money is in short supply to pay for an advert)? Any advice will be greatly received. Thanks
  2. Ebay it as spares or repair with a reserve that you would be happy to take.
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  3. Gumtree it or google scrap cars I'm your area, you'll get at least £200 in scrap. Where abouts are you? I'll give you £50 for the wheels...
  4. Local car auction
  5. Ebay, but break it up. £200 for seats if in good nick, £50+ for wheels. Then get scrappy in to take away rest.
  6. Is it insured?

    (its only a simple question, I am not in any way inciting another member of the public to commit a henious crime of fraud)
  7. SCRAP IT.

    eBay for parts. The ZR boys will buy the brakes.
  8. Pity, bit of a waste really, sounds like valve seals or a at worst rings. Bout a ton is the going rate.
  9. Could even just be a crudified breather. It's not unknown for K's do this. If it was mine, and the engine was borked, I'd lob in a T Series from a 620ti. More powerrrr and easier to maintain.

    To the OP: it has 2 head gaskets (it's a V6). Is it losing water/is there oil in the coolant?
  10. Ash, shut up! I'm fishing for his streights!
  11. Are you using Barry's brain? STRAIGHTS.
  12. Keep the exhaust or the cat converter a few quids worth of scrap in that alone as there is platinum in it
  13. just to piss you off,
    went into my garage yesterday, to see how my MGBGT is doing after two years of sitting around contemplating its navel.
    Plugged in the charger, and she fired up first time. Bless her, 34 this year.