Non-RLC Sex Scandal

From today's Sun

Porn corporal keeps job
Chief Reporter

A PERVERT Army NCO court-martialled for having child-porn pictures on a computer was allowed to keep his job, it was revealed

Corporal Mark Messenger, 32, was fined £1,000 and ordered to be put on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

But he was NOT removed from his post or even demoted — instead being granted two weeks’ special leave for stress.

Last night the decision by a military court in Germany was greeted with anger by other squaddies, who accused the Army of a cover-up.

One said: “He should have got the boot at once. NCOs are the backbone of the British Army and they cannot be paedophiles.”

Messenger, of the Royal Regiment of Wales, was first caught with images of children aged between seven and ten when he was on a tour of Kosovo two years ago.

A comrade discovered them while he was away on leave from his job looking after the financial accounts of the officers’ and sergeants’ messes.

Twice-married Messenger, who has a child of his own, was given a “slap on the wrist” and ordered to remove the pictures.

But they were found again on his computer during a mess function when he was based in Sennelager, Germany. This time a fellow NCO called Military Police who seized Messenger’s laptop and searched his home.

He was warned he could be facing jail before he appeared at the court martial in Osnabruck this month.

But after pleading guilty to five charges of possession he escaped with the fine and sex offenders’ order.

An Army source said: “Court martials are completely independent and decide the appropriate penalties. It should be remembered some people caught with child porn as a result of Operation Orr were only cautioned.”

But Bob McLachlan, former boss of Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit and now head of the charity Child Protect, said: “This man should have been dismissed. I would also like to know if the German police were informed.”

The MoD confirmed Messenger’s court appearance but had no other comment.

The Royal Regiment of Wales was formed in 1969 but dates from 1689. One of its predecessors, the South Wales Borderers, “starred” in film epic Zulu.

Sounds like someone fcucked up.
His colleagues will of course continue to provide full support and make sure no harm comes to him won't they?!!! :twisted:
Mr_C_Hinecap said:
The Royal Regiment of Wales was formed in 1969 but dates from 1689. One of its predecessors, the South Wales Borderers, “starred” in film epic Zulu.
Interesting; I thought the South Wales Borderers fought against the Zulus at Rorkes Drift and actors 'starred' in the film.
I really don't understand why the CO does not discharge him under some AGAII - SNLR ?

Like the point about his colleagues - his position is clearly untenable !

Further to the point about the German CivPol - I don't think there is any requirement for them to know under Mil Law in Germany...

Would love to see the CO's discipline return to LAND ( is that still in existence) under LANDSO's...especally as tis is now in the Public Domain...maybe the Sun should call for an official Army comment on it ?
So the perv stays and this guy goes ?


Mar 14 2004

New shock for grieving dad

By Mike Hamilton

AN ARMY chef is being forced to leave his regiment after his wife lifted the lid on the curse of Britain's Gulf War babies.

Lance Corporal Andy Saupe - devastated by the death of his son at five weeks - was carpeted by Army bosses after wife Alex voiced concerns about the controversial anthrax vaccine.

MOD bosses have ordered Gulf War 2 veteran Andy, 23, to leave his unit because his wife's revelations "damaged morale". Last night his family slammed the MoD action as "outrageous bully tactics" as MPs and campaigners backed his case.

Grief-stricken Alex, 25, spoke out to the Sunday Mirror after son, Kye, was born 10 weeks premature and died after five weeks of desperate illness.

She said she thought the tragedy was linked to the anthrax jabs her husband had before serving in the war.

We revealed how the tragedy was part of a cluster that has hit 33 Field Hospital in Gosport, Hants, since the Iraq War ended last May. In every case at least one of the child's parents was given the anthrax vaccine before being sent to the Gulf.

Andy had two of the injections - linked to foetus damage and a catalogue of illnesses among soldiers - 10 days apart in December 2002 before his unit was called up. Andy, of Gosport, Hants is barred from speaking publicly. But his mother-in-law, care assistant Shaheen Anderson, 43, said: "Andy was called back from a course in Aldershot on Thursday, given a dressing down and told it would be best for him to be moved from his unit - although he doesn't want to.

"These are outrageous bully tactics. He has done nothing wrong and has had nothing but support from his mates, who realise he is distraught at losing his son.

"Alex is still attending St Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth about Kye's death, so if they are moved that will become a lot more difficult."

Shaun Rusling, vice chairman of The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association, said: "This is outrageous, and nothing more than an MOD witch-hunt.

"They have singled out this one poor lad. His wife has said something truthful and the MOD don't like it. They are trying to silence people. It is extraordinary they can accuse her of damaging morale, when they are giving troops a vaccine that poisons them and damages their babies."

Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South, said: "This should be the subject of an independent investigation into that sort of systematic bullying and frightening people into not telling the truth or trying to get to the truth. I will take it up personally with the MoD."

And Lib Dem Defence spokesman Paul Keetch added yesterday: "The MoD will do itself no credit trying to persecute soldiers whose wives have aired genuine grievances."

An MoD spokeswoman said: "There was a meeting on Friday where the Commanding Officer told Cpl Saupe his position in the unit had become untenable because of recent media activity. He has not been formally disciplined.

"He was informed that the Commanding Officer would be seeking an alternative posting for him."

-The NGVFA's helpline number is 01482 833812.
If true this is outrageous. However, I note that the soldier in question is a chef and therefore designated as an operational pinch point. Are we sure that his move is anything to do with the his wife going to the press or is it a move for operational reasons that the press have latched on to?
Despite the title of this thread, you guys ought to know that this character is also an army chef....which makes him RLC.

Doesn't this answer your query?

An MoD spokeswoman said: "There was a meeting on Friday where the Commanding Officer told Cpl Saupe his position in the unit had become untenable because of recent media activity. He has not been formally disciplined.

I should have made myself clear - papers are not unknown to make up quotes from MoD spokespersons. I suppose I just cannot believe that someone has been removed purely because his wife has exercised her democratic rights.
Going back to the guy with the paedophile porn, I really do not understand this one. One of the blokes in my last job was found to have kiddy porn on his laptop. Fisrtly, he was not investigated by MOD Plod, a specialist unit from the civvy police took charge of the investigation. Secondly, he was given 3 months in a civvy prison, and kicked out. I suppose a lot of it comes down to how much, how bad, the circumstances of him obtaining the stuff etc, but his feet did not touch the ground.

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