non registered bfg tax free car and want to get rid

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by owen31, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. i bought a tax free car 6 months while posted in germany and failed to register it (b f g ) it im getting out the army in april 2013, what is the best thing to do with the car? can i just register it in the uk and pay the tax on it? can i sell it hassle free? or do i have to bfg it pay the tax on it and leave it in germany for a year i have heard alot of things but not sure whats the best thing to do.
  2. If I were you I'd speak to the BFG office, and/or maybe the tax people down in JHQ or whereever they are. I know there is a tax and revenue officer in Herford too.

    You need to sort this out, because you technically could get stung for tax in Germany AND in UK.

    You can't just leave it. You have not BFG'd it within the time frame allocated, nor (I would guess) have you applied for the 414 form (or whatever it is the blue one from the Taxman).

    Don't mention the getting out bit, you could just get away with a 3 year ban on BFG products :D
  3. 72 4100 mate, if you have a good reason ie on tour, compassionate leave, medical reasons etc you may be able to get a ban but no doubt customs will want you to pay the tax unless you can sell it on to an entitled person.

    What is the car?
  4. Good luck with that.BFG C & I are the most unhelpful, unprofessional bunch of idiots I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Impossibly hard to get hold of by phone and when I did finally manage to get one of them (by using an unpublicised number) spoke to me as if I had committed some sort of offence. I had only wanted some advice. Bunch of self-important pricks, one and all.....
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  5. You're not a fan then?
  6. i spoke to them in the bfg office after i had the car for about 2 months and they said i would have to pay the tax on the car which is 2300 ish... and the german goverment would take the keys off me until i pay it and i would not be able to pay in installments i would have to pay them in a oner, i didnt have the cash so i just keep it outside my house where i can keep an eye on it, i dont really want to deal with the germans if i can help it i would rather drive the car to the uk leave it in my garage and get in touch with the dvla, do u think thats an option or just wishfull thinking?
  7. The problem with driving it to the UK is that you will be stopped by Customs. That can be a lot of fun, not. If you don't pay the tax / VAT whatever on the car at the point of entry into the UK they will impound it.
  8. its a renault clio dynamique tom tom, would love to get rid of it
  9. My dealings with BFG were slightly different but my advice would be; Do not speak with BFG – they will insist you BFG your car and you will be liable for German Tax. I know they tried to force me to coff up and threatened me with a 2 year BFG ban. The local customs bloke in BFPO hounded me for the best part of 12 months.

    As you serve aboard you are entitled to export a car. In my experience the UK were only interested that on my return to UK I registered the car, paid for 6 months road fund licence. I basically forgot my BFG 414 so was offered a UK 414 at the Maidstone registration office. It’s only BFG who insist that you use a BFG 414.

    The BFG lot in JHQ who are headed up by a rtd Lt Col were extremely unhelpful and if I hadn’t stood by ground the Germans would have been laughing all the way to the bank.

    This was 3 -4 years ago so things might have changed!

    Speak with the Maidstone office they were very helpful and only interested that I registered the car and paid for 6 months road fund licence.
  10. Mate of mine freighted his motor back - about £600 - worth looking into - I'll grab the details when he comes in off the lash if you like.
  11. Which almost ensures being caught!!!
  12. Yes and their are clear guidelines on how to do it, and within what timescales. Thousands of others have managed to do it, all this cretin has managed to do is, yet again, bring this up on the radar and the Germans/UK will maybe change the rules again.

    It isn't that long ago that every adult/driver in the family could buy a car. Hence 6 monthly swaps. Thanks to muppets like the OP, you may find that the one car per year (or thereabouts) is also chopped. Maybe to one per tour. The spirit of the SOFA was that you could buy a German car on arrival, and a British car on departure.
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  13. **** me, it's not rocket science. Twats like the OP amaze me. I hope you get whacked by C&I, maybe teach you that admin is not a small Nepalese village after all. Thank feck he's leaving..........CDT was it?
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  14. what do you suggest then?
  15. You could try bribery with some one in BFG DVLA office. But you would probably end up in worse trouble.

    BTW, What is the number plate on this vehicle now? Is it PEN 1S ?