Non-Premiership Football Club Supporters. Fess Up You Slags!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Airfix, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. As we wait to see whether any of the home nations make it through to Europe, does anyone have the stones to say, "I support SuchandSuch FC, they may not not be Scumchester, but I support them all the same!"

    Anyway, York City, first game I ever went to as a lad and saw them play Man Utd in 1974/75 when they were both in the old 2 Div. City are now sadly non-leaguers, don't know what happened to that United shoite!

    [align=left]"We are the nutters, the nutters of York!"[/align]
  2. Forest. Unfortunately I'm too young to have experienced their glory years and now I'm left with mediocre 3rd tier football. Ah well, for better or worse...
  3. Leeds United.

    How did we go from this:

    "On a rainy Wednesady night Elland Road (the home of Leeds United) invited AC Milan. Leeds left it late but in the 89th minute Lee Bowyer struck the ball 30 yards out and it slipped into the bottom corner of the net!! Leeds United 1-0 AC Milan"

    to this ........

    Leeds United (0) 0 Hereford United (1) 1

    Leeds have made a habit of plumbing fresh depths in recent years, yet they have never exited the FA Cup before Forest Green Rovers, let alone Harrogate Railway Athletic. That was their fate in last night's first-round replay, Lionel Ainsworth's third-minute goal giving Hereford a deserved victory

    Marching On Together.
  4. The Yorkshireman in me is truely sorry for Leeds, but the little kid that got jip at school for supporting City when everyone else supported Leeds just loves it!
  5. Barnsley, Although i am Scottish1 Lived there for a while.
  6. Burnley. And proud of it! :clap:
  7. 13 points clear, trophy already in Leeds colours.... what cup BTW?

    Marching On Together.

  8. Amen brother. Followed them since the 70's, through good times, bad times, unbelievable times, back to shyte times. But we are on our way back, i think (Discounting the 2 cup exits :oops: ).

    Marching on together

  9. Staines Town, FA cup replay tonight on SKY. Drew 1-1 with Stockport County, win tonight and we play Peterborough at home.


    C'mon the massive!!!!
  10. Notts Forest - and I am old enough to remember the glory days, European Cups victories, Cloughie.....
  11. Port Vale :(
  12. I'm not sure what is worse, my not having experienced it or your having experienced the high times and subsequently the shite times. Suppose Leeds fans can answer that too.
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

  14. How DARE you mention THEIR name on here? HARROGATE TOWN on the top of the Blue Square North...did watch Leeds for numerous years.

    But i will be watching Railway on BBC2 in a few weeks and see what they can do against Mansfield T.
  15. Me too.............................. :oops:

    Being a Hun (Am Jockinese you see :wink: ) makes up for it though.