Non PC Children

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Driving the family back from the beach, we passed a school called (Our own Indian english school Dubai ), my darling sweet 7 yr old daughter stated in a profound manner, '' Ah so thats where the b@stards train to come to england is it?I am glad i dont go that stinking pit of a school!! Mingers the lot of them and they can keep their own school!!

    The car went silent from the un provoked out burst, i had to pull over i havent laughed so much in ages Mrs Sebcoe was staring daggers at me. i had had to tell her off for saying bast@rds as thats not nice, :numberone:

    I dont know where the hell she got that from.
  2. There are two options here;

    1) You are bullsh itting

    2) Your child has been dragged up and is destined to become a chav council house whore of the future.

    Which one is it?
  3. Moody, I can assure you that it is not only "chav council house whores" who (to use an expression beloved of monty Python) "don't like darkies"! At a very pukka children's party in Gloucestershire yesterday, the mums (all fearfully posh - or aspiring) were similarly discussing immigrants. I found it quite amusing as several of them own, I mean employ, Eastern European live-in staff.

  4. How many of them were aged 7?

    To be honest, I've about as much interest in this as I have in my own personal hygiene.

    I doubt sebcoe is telling a true story here.

    I think the words that really come from his daughters mouth are little more than muffled whimpers as he rams his co ck down her throat, while he whispers "don't tell mummy, or the 5 Alphas will come and chop off your head"
  5. I dont Know where she got it from either!!
  6. You your mrs or school i guess