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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ronnie8781, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Having advertised my motorbike on Ebay I had a bid of £3000 that met the reserve on the first night of it being listed. I was suspicious at this because it was a bit unusual however I thought I would let the auction run because you never know. So anyway auction ended at 3pm today, I phoned the winning bidder up at 2000hrs only for him to say I dont want it I have bought one already!! I said dont you understand the concept of Ebay?? That if you are the winning bidder and the reserve is met you are in a legally binding contract!! He replied "well tough I've already bought one and I'm not going to pay you!!" I kept asking him if yhe had no intention of paying why did he bid and all he said was "well i bid for a quite a few bikes."

    So anyway if he isnt willing to pay up wyhere do I go from here?? How do I start legally proceeedings from said twa t?? He has stopped others from bidding and stopped me having a sale, where do I go from here?? Please help, Your frustated

  2. Sorry to tell you this but he will win this and you won't see any of that £3000.

    I suffered the same fate not long back. Just sell it elsewhere and report him to Ebay
  3. I think you can recoup the cost of the listing from him, otherwise there's not much to do apart from giving him bad feedback.
  4. First stop is to get in touch with the eBay complaints dept - they'll advise what if anything they can do to help. At least you'll get the guy blacklisted from ebay..
  5. True. Very true!
  6. Report the twat. Having the same prob at the mo :x
  7. Send the boys around.
  8. Problem is have tried to report it already but wont let me do it until 13 October!! I'd love just to batter him, he has juist tried to phone me but missed his call!! Ebay has been around long enough for people to realise how it works surely?? If you put a bid on you have got standby it!!
    Wan ker!!
  9. Approach the small claims court for a form (An N5 Form i think.....). In all honesty the cost of relisting your item will pale into insignificance compared with the cost, heartache and anquish of a civil claim. The onus will be on you to prove that he is in breach of contract and any reasonably intelligent individual can conjour up all manner of excuses for that breach. You know the sort of thing..... it's my first time on ebay and I meant to bid £30 and not £3000, or I tried ringing you, or my computer exploded and I was prevented from contacting you, or my telephone service provider failed etc etc etc.

    So called frustrating events will discharge a party from their obligations and whlist you know that he is talking b****ks, it will be down to you to prove that to the judge.

    Much easier to spend 15p to relist.
  10. Thing is cost £13 to re-list I know it isnt particularly much however its the principle of it! How can that twa t stop me from having a sale and stop another from buying it just from his selfish ways!! Think I will send the boys round, probably get more out of it than a court!!
  11. Name and shame him Ronnie.
  12. Next time you relist, do so with a no reserve. You can then create another identity and enter a bid to the original reserve price therefore costing 15p to list and simultaneously maintaining your initial reseve.
  13. FRANKLIN9839 from Consett, Co Durham!!!

    He's nervous I think about the threat of legal action and has tried to phone me so will probably make him sweat til tomorrow!! Twa t!!!!!!!
  14. What you have to do, and you possibly need to state this when you list the item, is to say that anyone bidding, who has less than x number feedback, needs to mail you etc, or their bid will be deleted.
  15. I see FRANKLIN9839 has no bid history at all so an ebay report probably wont harm him as he might just re register a new ID, assuming that he will use ebay again.
    As hard as it is I would be inclined to stick it back on ebay and hope for the best, if you really want to spend the time and effort than a county court order wil make the turd think twice before pulling that sort of stunt again.