Non Para Subaltern wearing Maroon Beret at an ATR?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by PAC2428, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. I have been reliably informed that a female officer who has just recently been posted from 13 AA Regt RLC to ATR Winchester is walking around still wearing her maroon beret.

    When she was challenged about this by a SNCO who was ex 13 Regt himself, she claimed she had permission from the CO of ATR (W) to wear an airborne beret and asked why he was not wearing his??!!

    I can understand Airborne trained soldiers who have passed the course wearing the beret at a Phase 1 Training Establishment to give recruits another career path to aspire to, but whoever she is, she is either deluded or she is just clearly Walting.

    Are the hierarchy at 13 Regt aware of this Muppet? :oops: If not they should be informed and someone should have a serious word with her! :evil:
  2. what's up did she blow you out? have you got nothing better to worry about?

    she's wearing the headress of her last unit prior to posting to an ATR
  3. I'm sure Rufus is well aware by now :wink:
  4. Who cares???
  5. I was always under the impression that to wear the Maroon lid, you had to have passed P-Coy, after leaving the Brigade.

    However, there was an individual at ATR (P) who wore his and he had no BBC on his arm.
  6. You are encouraged when posted to a Trg Depot to wear the beret/Regt/Brigade flashes.

    It shows the recruits all of the different roles you can achieve after leaving training.
  7. Unless she has passed P coy then she is not allowed to wear the maroon beret anywhere other than the brigade where it is mandatory for all. Once posted away from the brigade she should revert to wearing her true corps/regt colour beret.
    She is clearly walting it and should be made to stand in the corner wearing a pointy hat with a big W on it!!
  8. Antone got the keys for the outrage moped?
  9. So what? What's the problem? Surely the real issue is not that the officer is a woman but that the officer hasn't passed BPC; from the title of the thread, it appears that the PACS issue is with women full stop. I look forward to the day that a woman passes BPC, there will be so many teddies out of the cot :)
  10. She served within the Bde and was therefore entitled to wear it. As I stated, you are allowed (told) to wear the Beret/badge/flash of your last Unit/appointment.

    A bit of a non story really.
  11. The point that I have raised is not with the Officer's gender, but with her Walting, hence why I have tweaked the main title! I personally also would look forward to and welcome the day when a woman passes P Coy/BPC.

    Consider this, other capbadges such as RLC & REME who have been attached to the AAC or a Jock Inf Bn for example don't get posted from there to a Trg depot and wear a light blue beret or a ToS, they revert back to normal Regt headdress.
  12. That is not entirely true.
  13. Possibly the CoC wish to encourage female recruits to think that sat behind a desk in Worthy Down is not the only possible career aspiration? I don't know, it's just a guess. You have a problem with it? Have a word with the RSM. He's probably not noticed :twisted: but if she's taking the plss, he'll let her know.
  14. STONE HER!!!!!!!
  15. No sorry, it's out still doing its rounds on another outrage mission.