Non military use of unmanned systems - emergency services and other Government departments

I suppose it’s also down to what kit they carry. Presumably your mob all carry the same kit regardless of where they are?

Some traffic cones, first aid kit, spill kit etc.
Yep, every single car has exactly the same kit list.


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I can understand that, like you said, different areas present different problems when it comes to dealing with them. Merseyside fire and rescue have what was known locally as Thunderbird 2. It was an appliance that picked up a pod specifically for the incident it was attending, it had several different pods, it cut down on more vehicles and worked out cheaper in maintenance costs.

Yep, for the more specialist roles like USAR, foam or High Volume Pumping, everyone is moving towards hook loaders with deployable pods.

Makes sense. They don’t get used very often so it’s cheaper to run a couple of off the shelf hook loader (think skip lorry) than a whole fleet of bespoke vehicles.

In the case of industrial or airport fire services you can even pre deploy your pods in areas that are most at risk.

Also the bit that degrades quickest and needs replacing is the vehicle bit of a fire engine (engine, chassis etc). The box on the back and all the kit in it can last for years. Instead of replacing an entire 300 grand fire engine every 10-15 years you just replace a 100 grand hook loader instead.


Some of the pods are Gucci as ****. Ours have solar panels on the roof to provide lighting inside and ensure the battery on the generator (if fitted) never goes flat. I’ve seen a USAR tool box which is every man’s dream toy box. It’s basically a giant mechanic’s tool chest the size of a shipping container. Inside is every single tool, chainsaw, air tool, piece of hydraulic cutting equipment and Makita gadget that you could ever want, all on roller bearing drawers and racks with lighting and charging for the batteries.
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What it be politically acceptable to use remotely controlled systems for riot control? I am thinking of something like a remotely controlled vehicle to push rioters back without exposing Police Officers to having bricks and petrol bombs thrown at them?

What if their had been someone inside that Police van that got set alight in Bristol?

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