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I'm booking a Medic course later this year and I'm in the (long) process of joining the TA. Before i decide what course to spend my money on, I'd be interested to know if any of these training providers can give me anything that crosses over to the Army and will be recognised, making me a more useful asset? Looked at MIRA, ATOM but there are plenty out there.

I'm on a CP course soon that includes FPOS-i. Is that enough to ebable me to volunteer as a First Responder or for Red Cross/St John's Ambulance?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
WTF? I can see why nobody has bothered to answer.

If you hope to join the TA as a CMT - you will be given the neccessary training. No civilian courses will be recognised unless you're a paramedic, and even then you will have to complete additional training.

I'd suggest asking your Red Cross and St John questions on a first aid rather than an army related forum. However, if you want to volunteer with either you need no qualifcations.

You like courses do you?
Thanks for the reply Scavenger.

I originally looked into training as a CMT but the two Field Hospitals I called told me I'd need to be a Paramedic/Student Nurse to do it. I'm currently waiting to start training as an Infanteer but as it's taken over a year (waiting for Glasgow to sort paperwork out from my regular service I'm told) I've booked a Close Protection course.

The TA side of things is very frustrating. I know there are a lot of people in a similar situation which makes this big 2020 recruitment drive look like a farce.

I'll have my FPOS-i in a few weeks so I'll start the ball rolling with my volunteering and hope the TA side works itself out.

I was 32 when I started the process. I'm now 34.
I agree - WTF!
Join the Jonnies and they will badge you up to respond for them and they won't charge you (IIRC)
CP course - what is it you want to do?
Get an Army number so you have military experience then work as an Operator in Eyeraq?
You either want to be a medic or a infanteer, make your mind up
Only accepting paramedic or student nurses as CMTs sounds bollocks to me but it's been a while since I was involved with recruiting.
Try calling again, put on a different voice and rephrase your quesions, quoting whatever you can from the MOD Site.

to make yourself a more useful asset just get fit, then more fit, listen to what you are told and do what you are told.

And I'd save your money, spend it on muscle mary food supplements, lean meat, fruit & veg
Mandownmedic, apologies if ive made it look like im scattered around like a mad womans shite. Im ex inf (reg) but no tours of iraq/afghan. Been out for ten years. Enquired about joining ta and training as a cmt but as i said, no joy. Cp course/fpos-i sorted now and im in the process of joining ta (inf) to get paid to update skills and drills, add qualifucations, experience and hopefully tours. Im hoping to do this as well as UK CP/security work as i wont get hostile work with no hostile experience.

The time the recruitment process for the ta has taken is disheartening.

Nottingham is pushing the boundaries to the limit for me but ill look into that option.

WTF are you trying to do, the scouts do some nice courses and you get nice badges too

If its a paramedic you wanna be then apply to university like everyone else now does and survive on toasted toppers for 2/3 years.

Collecting courses such as FPOS (not even worth the paper) and CP to get work in a stink hole in the desert is going to put you in a world of shit when it all goes wrong.

If you want to be a medic in the Army then apply, if its an infanteer you want to be (again ?)then grunt down, eat your greens and maybe apply for a team medic course once your id card is dry

PS I love being a paramedic but its nothing like being the Army - you cant be everything !!
Have you looked into the International Bodyguards Association? THe IBA is often quoted on ARRSE and several ARSSE members have an affinity with the MD, Barron Castle Shortt.
If you want to do Community First Responding, Look up,your local Ambo Service (where are you ? ). They will either train and manage the schemes that run in their area or will,have the Johners or RC doing it under their overall control. Valuable experience you can put on a CV. Not sure that rocking up with an FPOS cert will get you on a scheme, you will probably have to prove you can perform to expected standards.
Gibson097 thanks. I'm in Liverpool. I called British Red Cross but it just rang out so I'm going to call in there and St John's Ambulance today to see if I can speak to somebody or register as a volunteer with them.
Things are looking very good regarding British Red Cross mate, I've had an interview and start assessments/training next week. Reference FPOS-i not being worth the paper it's printed on: They seem to be happy with it so I can skip the regular induction training and crack on with their training exercises and events once I've been assessed and my certs from G4S have been transferred to whatever equivalent quals BRC recognise.

The recruitment process looks very smooth and personalised compared to TA recruitment.

In reply to the WTF responces I got: Regular, current training and hands on experience as well as the chance to help people who need it.
Only accepting paramedic or student nurses as CMTs sounds bollocks to me but it's been a while since I was involved with recruiting.
'Tis true. I asked, as an ex reg CMT, a couple of months ago and their words were along the lines of "so NOT a paramedic or nurse then". It's not as if a reg CMT cert is worth anything anyway, and they get all precious for joining the STABs. Not the big recruiting push I'd envisaged either

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