Non - Member greeting area on RnR Island

What kind of anti - walk security do you want?

  • Greeting area / holding cell for vistors

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  • Hiding place for ARRSE members, e.g. in the hill top house

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  • I don't think we should do this at all!

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Hey guys, I think It'd be a good idea to have an area where we can hold non - members if they are being naughty, as well as a greeting area and information about the island and what we do.

Its either this or an area where the members can go to hide from walts. Which isn't a very dignifying idea. E.g. "C'mon gang we're getting owned, to the bunker to quiver and shake in fear!"

So please vote on what you want!
The parcel of land on which the hill top house sits is set only to allow entry to members of the Arrse group. This is GCO/BCO's trainset - and if they dont want that expect it to be changed back. But lets see how it goes. The hill top house is now a place of refuge and a meeting place for arrse group members.

One thing that needs to be understood is that SL cannot be moderated in the same way as the forums. There isnt always one of the HQ group around to clear up peoples toys, or to ban trouble makers from the land parcels. People cannot simply be booted like they can on arrse - everyone has a role to play in making the island a place that arrsers and non arsers alike want to come and have a laugh, drive a kart, visit the club or stare at pye's virtual norks.

I'll speak to GCO ref some welcome signs and a "teleport" area.

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