Non-lethal strike?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Proximo, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. Whilst poring over my books and researching various interesting things hidden deep in the collective US doctrinal archives, I came across this.

    As the author of the report says, it's not surprising that compulsory drug testing was introduced fairly shortly after all these shenangians. The search for non-lethal strike options is hardly new (whatever DGD&D may say), but the fact that 'remote viewing' was taken so seriously - along with astral projection and so forth - is quite alarming.

    I do like the concept of the 'warrior monk' however... :D
  2. Here's more...urban pacification via the medium of pain! :)

    Click here.
  3. Was once involved in trying to make sense of documents written by bunch of guys who were fried on LSD. End result was very much like general sense of these writings.
  4. Yes - rather like a night out with SIB(UK) I should imagine - surreal and strangely compelling! :D
  5. RMP Baiting alert :D
  6. Sorry - little experience of that. Me and the posting blokes had an agreement that I only went to little 1 or 2 man detachments in deserts or ulu and I never had to serve in UK other than NI 70-72.
  7. Darth,
    For more on Jim Channon and the First Earth Battalion try "The Men Who Stare at Goats" by Jon Ronson (Goats). Tin foil hat subject, but intelligently and entertainingly written about and with some interesting conclusions. Some of them may be valid; and Condi Rice asserting that torture doesn't count unless it causes death or major organ failure seems to bear out Ronson's belief that some of the more flower power aspects of Channon's vision have been subverted into current US doctrine. Wibble.

    By the way, I've been a warrior monk (or "Infantry Subaltern" as we used to call it): it does not beat regular sex!
  8. There was a documentary on channel 4 last year i believe. That was about the loony goat staring bloke. The interviewed some ex us col who lived in campervan and sounded stoned throughout. Apparently they managed to 'will' one of the goats hearts to stop but when they tried to do it in front of the cameras not a lot happened surprisingly. If you stare at anything long enough it will die might take a few years though :wink: .