Non-issued body armour/plate carriers on Herrick - help!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HantsTiger, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. To cut a long story short - a concerned family member bought me a Warrior Assault Systems RICAS Compact plate carrier, along with hard and soft armour inserts after a panic attack initiated by the Daily Mail slating current issue kit.

    My question is - does anyone know of any legal/standing orders restrictions on use of such bits of kit?

    Have heard loads of different answers..
    a) Its all fine, use it
    b) You can stick OSPREY plates in the vest and this is ok and allowed
    c) You have to wear OSPREY and OSPREY only - take the armour inserts out and use the vest over the top
    d) Take the pouches off and stick them on your OSPREY.

    Help please! What works best with these sorts of things? Just concerned that I might invalidate any insurance claims if I get shot wearing non-issued armour.
  2. It makes no difference to insurance claims.
    You won't be allowed to use it.
    The Daily Mail is full of shit. You won't buy better armour than that issued.
  3. On Herrick 6 we were told it was down to the commanders on the ground to say yay or nay. Our OC decided you could wear a plate carrier with Osprey plates but you had to wear you CBA (minus the little plates) underneath for protection from shrapnell etc.

    I'm sure i saw somewhere that the paras were issued plate carriers last year, but it was up to the commanders when they could wear them.

    If i was you i'd check with the CoC.
  4. Ottar has it right. I suggest that you do a quick search on kitmonster's posts. He has written at length on this subject and believe me, he is in a position to know what he is talking about.
  5. Osprey is nowhere near the top end of body armour. It's the SA80 of bullet stoppers. The kick backs, directorships or blowjobs must have been superb for some lunatics in the MoD to buy this dogpoo back around 2006ish.

    UKSF use Paraclete. It's the same physics as everyone else. But you'll have Osprey. Englands bodyarmour is based in the UK, has won umpteen Queen's awards for export. Gets rave reviews from the grown-ups and military professionals, but obviously spends too much money on R&D, rather than golf club memberships and someone else's kid's schoolfees.
    Compare the Osprey's "Commonwealth War Grave" style plate with what Englands make.
    The idea that the "MoD will provide" is a sick joke. D3O are on the cutting edge of body armour. 21st century stuff. You can buy the technology today in the form of a soccer goalkeepers glove, or some ski equipment. All UK based.
    The MoD has granted them a meagre £98,000 to develop a world beater. Which was probably all they had left after buying new horses and some shiny hats... But hey, what's life worth?
    Unfortunately, it's all down to unit SOP. At least reversed Osprey makes a great pillow.
  6. What's so bad about Osprey?

    I've seen the test range and tested articles so it isn't the protection. The plate is substantial but hardly flat. Still, they are revising it for PECOC.
  7. Bring it out with you, put on the plate carrier have a few pics taken and then put Osprey on, no one offended!
  8. how the fuck would you know walt boy?
  9. 1.The plates are heavier and more cumbersome than competitors. Check the plate that Englands use, and how said plate is shaped.
    2.Osprey fastens at the waist with velco. Dust eats velcro. Worthwhile systems use other fastening systems. Check Paraclete.
    3. Good systems come with well thought out, and manufactured pouches for mags,etc. That you can modify. With Osprey the "Christmas tree" system was preferred. That is, you just hang random pouches off the straps.
    4. Paraclete has a special toggle that allows medics to quickly remove the system.
    there's some starters. Is is true that PECOC will take >10 years to deliver the goods? How come private firms get a better job done in months?
  10. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    What, check the velcro that Paraclete RAVs use to fasten together? Is it special Yank velcro that isn't affected by dust? Granted, there is a zip to fasten the cummerbunds together, but velcro is still used to 'mate' the front and back together.
  11. If anything, the plates shown on the Englands website are less well shaped than those used in Osprey. As for weight, there is a link to capability there.

    The Molle system used on Osprey seems pretty standard.

    PECOC - Ask Kitmonster or check out the PECOC thread.
  12. What, check the velcro that Paraclete RAVs use to fasten together? Is it special Yank velcro that isn't affected by dust? Granted, there is a zip to fasten the cummerbunds together, but velcro is still used to 'mate' the front and back together.[/quote]

    Mongo; sorry, my bad. You're right Paraclete does use velcro, it just wraps right round the front better. I mistook the plastic clips of a vest as a part of the system. To make up, can I offer the facility to use hard plates on the sides? Do you use Paraclete?
    'Cutlery Were those tests run by the MoD? The industry protection levels are known. Englands have a load of patents and Queen's awards for their work.
    And both these, and other brands Blackhawk!etc get bought in an open market, after many hard years of use.
    I can't see why units, or even individuals, can't be trusted to source their personal kit.
  13. So have you actually seen the kit you're raving about? :roll:
  14. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Knock yourself out. And no, I don't.
  15. Of course I haven't, I'm a walting Walt from Waltshire.
    But can anyone tell me how the NPAerospace/Osprey plate compared in tests against say, Bulldog, Englands or the US makes? And what soft armour and carrier system did it suit? It would be good to be able to give the man who started this thread a proper reasoned answer. I don't think he wants to wait 10 years or so to wait for PCOC
    Blindly hoping that the MoD will provide doesn't reassure people nowadays.