Non issue items needed on tour.

Hello All,

I'm compiling a list of items that are the 'must have' when on tour which are not issued.

Next year I'm being mobilised to go on tour and would be great to have some comforts with me. I'm thinking of things from rugged radios (to listen to BFBS in FOBs) to things like digital cameras and tactical gear which are not issued.

I have been on tour before, but it was a while ago and things have changed, so it would be great to get the opinions of some of you that have been there recently and how you made it a little more bearable.

[ ] Regular Army

[X] T.A
look in the sticky at the top of this forum, lets not start another thread on it :D


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don't be, its shite
My suggestion - Porn, Its not issue, but by god you'll need as much as you can get your hands on!

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