Non-Issue equipment banned for Afghan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Delta-Dog, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Any of you lads that have been on tour or are due on tour been told this? Our OC has banned us taking any non-issue gear. Not bothered like, just wondering if anybody else has had the same?
  2. What sort of Non-issue gear do u mean?
  3. Basically we are getting the "Black Bag" and are not allowed to use anything else.
  4. Bummer. I was gagging to take my lurid purple salopettes and a surf board.
  5. Yeh never mind eh.
  6. To be honest mate, I don't think there is much else you would want to take that isn't in the bag... what were u thinking of??
  7. Did not have this problem, I had my Buffalo, a lot of lads had North Face 700s. I also used my own Warrior belt kit/ pouches. We were stopped from wearing baseball caps though and the haircut/sideburn police were out in force even in the PBs.
  8. Given your tag. u wanted the board to ride you or what 5Alpha?
  9. I've tried banning trouser elastics in my office as non issued kit but to no avail.
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  10. Seems a bit excessive if he goes as far as banning individuals boots of preference. If your rear ech it wont bother you much. What role/tasks are you likely to be performing?
  11. Not much really, just daysacks etc, we're getting Lowa dessert boots so thats not too bad.
  12. Are they the blancmange-resistant ones?
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  13. haha good one, sorry desert boots.
  14. Good luck on tour, stay safe.
  15. It's either your OC/CSM being ****, or thinking ahead and trying to prevent MoD bureaucrats from swindling you out of your compensation entitlements because 'you weren't using issued PPE' when you were injured/wounded/whatever.

    Diggers have been banned from using non-issue mag and grenade pouches for some time (in Aus. at least). It's apparently an arse-covering exercise imposed by Comcare after some cretin (who was using privately-purchased mag pouches) managed to load a ball round into a mag of blank and fire it with the BFA still fitted.

    Strangely, the digs in Afg. seem to be using whatever they like...