Non issue boots - Malta barracks

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jcarver007, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know if i'll still get grief for non issue boots if on medic grounds?
    Also are future operations in Afghanistan being wound down? If so by how much??

  2. As long as you have a chit from a doctor you should be okay.Otherwise no.
    Even if Afghanistan shuts down probably have some other shithole to fight in.
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  3. UK will not be in a combat role in AFG after 2015 so you have a few years to get out there, it is very likely that some non-combat roles will be available after this. Some folk in my unit have deployed less than 6 months out of trade training so it is possible to go from off the street to theatre in less than 18 months.

    W.r.t. the boots, some weirdos in my intake at Malta managed to make it through with all means of odd kit (e.g. aircrew boots and para smocks - for an overweight RLC recruit WTF?) and without a chit. When they got to Pirbright for CMS (R) the guano hit the fan big time. As woody says best have a chit.
  4. thanks for the advice dc and woody. doc's being a twat about a chit..says my btn has to write to him to request it and then he'll write back to them...ffs its as if im some kid trying to get out of school. Hopefully will get rid of the dodgy tendon in one foot soon anyway.

    plenty of time up to 2015....but is it a case of put your name down your going or is it youngest first. Im 38.
  5. The speed at which you are deployed depends on a number of factors, I dont believe age is one of them, if you're under 50 that is, and it doesnt count against you in areas such as phys. There was an article on MOD news the other day about a 43 year old RLC private going out to Afghan.

    Cap badge is a big factor. If you're joining infantry you will probably not get out there within 18 months of joining due to the length of the DIE package (search for it for more info), other cap badges have no such equivalent and will consider you 'ready' when you are barely out of phase 2 or (perhaps more sensibly) have spent 6 or 12 months traded. Whether that is enough to prepare you for a job in theatre is another matter...

    It depends on supply and demand for the trade you are in. Where there are lots of bods going for a small number of places it will be tough to get out there, with certain pinch point trades you can expect a lot of offers in your inbox.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Is your doc being a twat or is he just following the rules that prevent every Tom, Dick and whining Joe insisting that their feet are speshul, and so they absolutely, positively must have the latest fashion in go faster boots paid for by her Maj?
  7. Not sure about every situation but in order to recieve Non-Issued boots in my last place you had to get a letter of authorisation from the Log Sp Sgt at Bde, then the doctor would stamp it. This was deemed as sufficient reason if you were pulled up.

    Anyway issued smissued, as long as their black!
  8. Possibly following rules which he has ignored for others. Anyway my issue is plantar only in one foot. Couldnt give a monkeys about the most expensive or fashionable boots...just require ones that are comfortable and give the right support.
  9. Get the chit, save the shit.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Maybe he just saw you as a bluffer?

    If you have a documented diagnosis from a doctor it should't be a big problem, but you w not do enough physical exercise to do any damage!
  11. The MO in my unit wouldnt sign it off due to my role however another did, same condition as yours and some others thrown in for good measure!
    They may however go down the orthotic insole route prior to giving you the nod to spend £140 on boots. Insoles can cure a lot of problems, especially if they have the right posts fitted to the undeerside to adjust your pronation.
    The LOWA mountain boot is available and NSN'd and no its not the issue cold weather boot!
  12. I've been through this malarky already. In our place the first step is a doctors appointment, who diagnoses the problem (or at least attempts to). A referral is then made to the senior physiotherapist who, after making his own appraisal of the condition, decides what kind of boots best suit the individual's needs. He then fills out a form called an Annex C to MATI, which you take to your clothing store to get your new boots. When the boots are no longer serviceable they cannot be exchanged; the individual must repeat the doctor/physio process again.
  13. Similar to what we do however current policy in 16X is that we dont need to go to the doc again as long as the boot is suitable and as long as its on the soldiers 1157 then we can then get immediate authorisation!