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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by thebrain, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    After searching Arrse to no avail i have a question (this will follow after a brief bit of background rabbling).
    I recently recieved my JI's for a course i am attending in late September. On these JI's it states that all students are to only wear issue boots and that there is a correct procedure laid out for those who cant wear them to wear non-issue boots on medical grounds.
    Now i found that after approx 2 years that i just could not get along with issue boots not because im a girly whinge but because i have Heel Spurs on my heel.. ie. a bit of extra bone that protrudes out enough to really, really! piss me off. I thought that after 2 years yomping around and trying 3 different boot sizes i would invest in my own comfortable slipper like boots. I now have Lowas and find these work like a dream (ive had these near on 2 years)..

    Now becasue im a TA bod with a reasonable income it was obviously easier to just purchase a pair of my own boots without the drama of having the Army get them for me (which can take months apparently). But now i have this issue with what it says in the JI's!

    How does one go about getting the paper work/chit to say you have stupid feet and cant wear issue boots?

    Or shall i just ignore the JI's, wear my own, cross my fingers and hope that the RaS Man doesnt scream at me and send me home with my tail between my legs for not reading the dare i say petty rule on boots!!?

    Sorry to take up a rather large chunk of your time reading my rabble, but i would appreciate any help on offer regarding this ever so boring boot matter that i am evidently now slightly obsessed with.

    Thanks again.
  2. Speak to your friendly MO or failing that wave some of your reasonable income at a non friendly MO and they will give you the necessary paperwork.
  3. What course are you doing?
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I take it its not the drill pigs course then? If you cant get issued the correct boots in time then prove that these have been ordered through the system and if they insist then you can wear daps black sicky for the duration!
  5. Yeah you just need to talk to someone friendly at your MRS and they'll sign the relevant forms - find someone who doesn't insist on taking months to get anything done ;)
  6. It may be an insurance issue. On my gunners course we were told that we had to wear the issue boots as if we did'nt and our feet got crushed in the turret=no compensation.
  7. Thanks for your help so far guys, much appreciated.
    Its for my CMT2 course, i believe it to be a largly classroom based course with a possible exercise, but looking at the kit list the ex will probably just be over one day ie no bergen needed etc, just webbing and helmet.
    So i dont think its an insurance issue.
    Im from a non medical unit you see, so actually finding someone other than myself to deal with medical type issues is sometimes a little bit tricky!
    i shall do a little more digging at unit level and see what i can surface!
    Thanks again.
  8. You need to have an MO sign a specific form (can't remember which one it is but your RQMS/clothing storeman will know). An excused issue boots chit would not be accepted anymore. On this form, if memory serves, there are places for a physio & others to write comments & sign, just to make it that much harder for you to look after your feet :x .
  9. i had a similar issue years ago at sandhurst, it said only issued kit including boots, i wore my gucci boots and nothing was said, however i did have a biff chit just in case. this was a long time ago though.

    and by the sounds of it biff chits are no longer accepted.
  10. to be honest unless your on a parade square i've found most courses ok with wearing LOWAs etc just as they are black and pollished.
  11. I agree with the above, I have done numerous courses, both ex based and classroom based and nothing has been said.
  12. If it is a classroom based course then you should be fine in issue boots. You will not exactly be walking far! Just as easily take both pairs and wear your lowas until/unless told otherwise. You are unlikely to have a high bullshit level on that type of course, clean and presentable is what they expect.
  13. My tuppence worth:

    I doubt very much if anybody will pull you up for wearing your own boots however as aluded to earlier it is an insurance issue.

    Boots are supplied as PPE and if you choose not to wear them then your employer has discharged his responsibility accordingly.

    I smashed my shoulder on an ex and was wearing my very uncomfortable BCH. The first question I was asked when filling out the accident paperwork bumf was "Were you wearing issue boots?". Trust me when I say no-one will risk their pension defending you if you weren't.

    It's all about risk really. The course I went on had a high risk of biffing yourself, sounds like your doesn't.
  14. Ironically, CMT2 involves a fair bit of walking and.... (drumroll!) some Drill and PT!! Walking is because accom etc is about a mile from the lecture area and the Drill and PT are to stop your brain fizzing away and melting from power point.

    T C
  15. Alternatively, Brain, you could invest in some insoles for your issued boots. I know that there are some made specifically for spur heel, as my missus bought some off that internet thing from Dr Foot. They arrived within a couple of days, and she was very pleased with them.

    Edited to add;
    judging by thebrain's conclusions below, I must be invisible, again!