Non Gurkha carrying a Kukri/ Khukuri

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by bdfl1975, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. As it says on the tin.

    I have a Kukri/ Khukuri and was wanting to put it on to my webbing but was wondering what the views were for a non Gurkha to carry one of these
  2. I'm sure it's fine...

    for a walt
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  3. Why, if your not a Gurkha, would you want to?

    Chopping brush etc? Machette, issued

    Stabby thing? Bayonet, issued

    Looking Ally? Not if you're not a Gurkha you won't mate
  4. I've known some who have worn Kukri on their webbing, but I think almost all had at some time been part of the Brigade. Some were told to get rid, some not. If you haven't served with the Gurkhas, seems very waltish to me.
  5. What the would you want to carry a Kukri for. They are utter sh.ite.

    And you will look a right biff.
  6. Thanks. Thats all i wanted to no
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Much better than the issued tree beater for work in the jungle - not sure how much use you would have for it anywhere else. Put it in your bergan if you must, or maybe strap it across the front of your Osprey for max walt photo value?
  8. Or across your back as worn by HRH Ginger Wales
  9. In the hands of someone who is familiar with their use and maintenance they are a good work knife. If you do not know how to handle it or keep it sharp they are a waste of time. More importantly the handle is made for the smaller Nepalese hand and has a very sharp pointed brass bit at the end. Go and try to cut a substantial piece of wood with yours, it is likely that the pain and bleeding will make you stop fairly quickly. If you want a spare I can give you the general grid reference of where I threw my one in Brunei.
  10. Is he A gwaar Nepali then mate? :) .
  11. I 've only ever seen Officers carry them .As other say unless your used to it dont bother parang is better an allier if your in the jungle.
  12. To be honest with you a set of secateurs and a swiss Army knife is all you need. Big knives are generally for big egos unless you really know how to use them. Total biff in tactical situations.
  13. Out of interest, does anyone know when kukri's were last used in battle?
  14. Falklands if not they were deff used in the sixties in Borneo.
  15. The Kukri you refer to is a working knife found in most Nepali kitchens and on the belts of Gurkha soldiers. It is primarily a tool which can be used as a weapon. The weapon version is considerably heavier and longer and is not used by soldiers. Too many myths surround this knife.