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Discussion in 'Officers' started by BigCheese, Mar 12, 2004.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've recently put my paperwork through to ACA(O) for a commission, am looking at several regiments within the infantry, however I don't have a degree.

    The only reason I ask about the importance of a degree is that much of the army literature that there is seems to indicate that thats their target.

    Now I've just turned 21, When I finished school I worked for just under a year to fund going travelling, which is what I did between June 2002 to June 2003. I started off in the US, then the pacific, NZ, worked in Aus for 8 months, then did a few treks in SE Asia including Laos and Vietnam.

    Given that I'm gonna be up against grads, how much of a disadvantage will that be for myself??

    Any gen guys would be of great use,

    Cheers in advance

  2. There is only one way to find out - apply. Many Non-Grads do well...remember it is about you....
  3. Life experience outside of Acadamia...................
  4. The way it was put to me was that the degree itself wasn't the most important thing. It's the life experience of being at University. You seem to have bags of that without stepping foot in a hallowed hall of further education! :D
    Also, I was also told that a degree probably wouldn't become much use until competing for more senior positions, but I would have thought much more emphasis would be placed on your military performance up until that point, rather than a degree you got years ago...
  5. I am MOST defenitily NOT the person to perhaps bring this up..........being as I am from 'umble horigen's....but dont senior officers get determined on the Basis of Staff College. (It's a bit like the EFP 1 only less demanding)
  6. Macks, thanks for your post, certainly gives me a confidence boost.

    In the meantime, I'm joining my local TA unit as civvie life is unbelievably boring, and its something I feel will be of an advantage. I know people have mentioned about the 'know-alls' at Sandhurst such as OTC and TA members who learn the hard way because they think they know it all, but I realise that if I make it to RMAS that I'll have to shut up, swallow any pride and do it their way!! :mrgreen:

    By the way, I've heard that RMAS is filling the May 2005 slots already!!! Has anyone heard any different???

    Any extra gen would be great guys

    Thanks All

  7. Para's?
  8. c'mon he has some education
  9. I have a couple of mates going to RMAS in May 2005. I'd recommend getting started asap, places on the RCB are booked well into this summer. I actually got bumped off one a couple of weeks back to make way for people going to RMAS in the next year.
  10. haha guys, now that you mention it, I'm going for 4bn (TA) Paras at the moment, as they're (conveniently) my local unit, and hopefully I'll be sponsored by them for RMAS. That is iof course, if I get through RCB!!! 8O

    Hopefully I'll have my initial interview within the next 2 weeks :wink:

    p.s. As mentioned before on this forum, as I'm from Croydon, the Houshold Cavalry is definately out!!! :lol:
  11. you need someone to sponsor you through RCB as well. Just to sign the forms. ACA(O) can do it, but better to get to know a regiment.
  12. Hello BC,

    I, being of non graduate status find this subject fairly close to my heart. Secondly, I now work in the Officer Recruitment cell for my regiment so deal with chaps like you on a daily basis.

    I normally advise all those that have not been to University or are planning not to go to actually go to university. This is solely on the facts of money and promotion speed. 24 months from 2Lt to Lt for Non grad, 12 months for grad. About £7000 difference in pay at the factory and £3000 on commission. Lt to Capt. Non grad expect up to another three years. Grad Lt to Capt 18 months or there abouts. :evil:

    However, life experience is the key and I would suggest in my humble way, that the toms respect you a little bit above those that come in with a degree. It is really all about time in post and rank. However, being the age you are take the RMAS option. You will be hammered on it at RCB so have some decent reasons for not going to Uni.

    With regards to RCB, look at it taking 6 months for the whole process. Three months frm initial interview for RCB(b) and an additional 3 months for RCB Main. At this time, I'm still getting guys onto Jan 2005 intake but your best bet now IS May 2005. Consider also that you may be required to go to Rowallan.

    With regards to your area, PWRR would be a good regiment to be sponsored by. I am not convinced you can be sponsored to RCB by a TA unit. Sponsorship is just a means of getting you there and holds no obligation at RMAS either way.

    I hope this is of some help. :D
  13. A degree is for life, not just for may not wish to be a soldier all your life, and a huge amount of employers will simply not look at you if you don't have that poxy piece of paper, no matter where from (within reason). Its no indication one way or the other of your quality - thats down to you. However as a life experience and a final opportunity to enjoy 3 years of pretty innocent fun before moving on to big-boys rules, its priceless. Moreove, you can use the time to add extra strings to your bow that will be of use in and out of the military.
  14. You make a fair point there GB, but if he goes to Uni now, say a three year course earliest he is out is 24. I would suggest that with the current manning projections, Inf regiments will not look at someone who will take up RD at 25/26. New ToS etc. Thus making the individual eligible for Major at 35/36.
  15. LoTS conditions now apply to all - as does employment law ref agism! Plenty of 24 yr olds passing out of RMAS into the Infantry. I was 24 when I passed out...all those years ago!