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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Superman, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. I am starting Sandhurst this Jan and have heard many different things regarding promotion. Pay is clear cut and I know what i'll be getting etc but how long will I stay at certain ranks etc?

    I read in another post that I could stay 2Lt/Lt for 5 years and actually do platoon commanders job for that length of time. is that correct? If i stayed for 5 years as Lt and didnt stay platoon commander what else would i be doing? Right now that sounds great to me but i'm sure after some experience I may ahve a different view. Also, I will be captain for 8 years so what are the likely jobs ill ahve in that time. I'm hoping to go to the infantry and haven't had a chance to ask these questions to anyone that knows the answers yet.

    One more question, is it right that with a degree you will generally get more office/admin jobs or am I totally off the mark?

    cheers for the help.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Clearly you have done a great deal of research into your future employment...

  3. I actually have asked many people, but everyone has told me different things.

    One example of this is a Capt in an infantry reg told me I'd stay Lt for 3 years...see the contradiction there msr? Please dont reply if you are just bored and want to busy yourself by being intentionally obstructive. I asked perfectly valid questions and hoped for valid/helpful answers from professionals.

  4. At the risk of carrying my grumpiness into another forum, might I suggest that this is a trifle presumptuous to concern yourself with before getting to the front door of the factory? The answers you have received to date will vary - in part because virtually every junior officer will have a different experience and in part because there may be a chance that your question has hacked them off a tad.
    Darn. Still a bit grumpy.
  5. You don't come across as a graduate or potential Officer material in your poor grammar, spelling mistakes and the basic fact that you are about to undertake a demanding course in under 2 months and appear to know little about what to expect if you get beyond that.
  6. Well I'm not a graduate so that's probably why ey? Eeh, the rabble they let in these days! I understand you are bored but I asked for help, if you have negative answers and really wish to express them, write them on a piece of paper and stick it up your arrse!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Ho, hum.

  8. Edited, as I spotted my own mistakes (beofre pointed out!)
    Hey, least I had the presence of mind to do so...and I know I'm no Rupert.
  9. Pompey - Everyone's spelling is a bit poor on internet posts.... It was hardly that bad was it?

    I don't think his questions are all that bad either. Superman - I don't know the answers so I can't help you there. Have you done an infantry fam visit?

  10. msr

    msr LE


  11. Pompey, you are "no rupert".....well you obviously didn't "come across as potential officer material" which, in a humorous twist of events, is the total opposite of my situation.

    Tricam..thank goodness i was thinking no one would be helpful. Yes I've done a couple of infantry visits and have heard different things.
  12. Superman - Well done on passing RCB but I wouldn't rub your pass in other people's noses if I were you, even if they were a little short with you. I suggest you change that last post.


  13. :lol: I told you I wasn't up to standard

    Double check... all ok... submit
  14. I'll see you there superman, I'm in roughly the same boat as you, I'm an ex-uni non grad. From what I've been told, yes we can expect to stay Lt's for at least a year if not 2 longer than our graduate contemporaries. There's a good chance you'll land up as a Coy 2ic early if your regt is short staffed, or else a job at an ATR as a platoon commander, from what my friends have done. If we get to be plt/tp commanders for longer than thats great as far as i'm concerned, longer for my troop to decide they want to shoot me in the back. I've heard nothing with regards admin jobs and grads being more likely to get them, but that could well depend on who you join, and what you're good at. Get on some last minute fam visits if you can! Otherwise you'll have to wait for interviews at Sandhurst.