non-grad prospects?

Hi all,

New to the site and got a few questions, which I did ask at my ACO but they only seemed to know soldier entry questions. Hopefully my meeting with the Colonel next will be more imformative.

Anyway I'll kick off with;

I was wondering if it is possible for a non-grad officer to gain promotion to captain before 5 years or if this is a mandatory part of promotion for a non-grad like the courses?

Although, to be honest I quite like the idea of spending 5 years as a platoon commander and learning the job and getting involved with lads who will work for you, rather than a quick and sometimes (from what I gather) seperated 2 1/2 years of a grad.

Many thanks in advance

It is possible but only where the individual has previous service that counts for antedate of seniority.

Have a scooch about in the forums, this question has been asked loads of times before.
You may have some luck with Actring Rank if you are up to a job requireing you to be a Capt.

You may also be lucky to be in when the Army decides/acts on the idea of equalising promotion to Capt and adding graduate seniority at Capt level, rather than 2Lt.


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little brother fcuked up his sponsored college jolly and hasnt been hurt too badly by it, they are desperate for cheap captains so dont panic as they will grow you into the job they want you for.

5 years - they dont like you in one spot more than two it seems nowadays
Unless you have soldier service it's not going to happen, short of acting rank...which won't give you a sub date anyway.

No bad thing, the best jobs you'll ever do are at 2Lt/Lt. You should be in no rush to promote out of this zone tbh!

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