Non-Grad entry to RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by pmcmichael92, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. I'm thinking of applying for RMAS in the next few months to hopefully attend when I finish school. I've already read the threads on advantages and disadvantages of uni and all that its not what i'm asking. What I want to know is how NCO's etc would view me after. Would they think less and show less respect to a non-grad than a graduate?
  2. That's all down to you, not to pieces of paper.
  3. Exactamundo
  4. They couldnt give a flying **** if you have a degree in underwater knife fighting, its all about your day in day out stuff that will influence their opinion of you.
  5. I very much doubt if the soldiers under your command would even know if you were a grad or a non-grad unless you're one of those who stick letters after their names on their door plates. I also very much doubt if they would give a toss one way or the other. TBH, I couldn't tell you which, if any, of the officers I served under or with had a degree and which ones didn't. I only checked details on the Army List when expecting a high up visitor and, even then, it wasn't one of the things I looked for.
  6. Go to university, you may not think so now but at some point you will leave the Army. Then having a 1st in something useful will seem far more important than whether you first Pl Sgt thougt you were a crow or not (which he almost certainly will, regardless of what qualifications you have).

    Also, as I am sure you are already aware, you will promote more quickly and have the pleasure of telling any non-grads that they should have tried harder at school.
  7. Yes but a grad has to wait 3 years longer before commissioning so in age terms a non-grad (going straight to RMAS from A-levels) will promote at the same rate, he will however not promote with his peers from RMAS. There are as ever pros and cons because whilst he is being ribbed for being a thickie non-grad he will not be worrying about student debt!
  8. i was initially going to go straight in as a recruit but several people in my TA unit advised me to go to Sandhurst instead. Would experience from TA help at sandhurst or help me get in?
  9. Any experience would help, think about stuff before you post questions.

    The fact is, you dont NEED experience as you get taught from the bottom up, regardless of what experience you have.

    It most certainly wont help you get in.

    Remember that most people who join RMAS have NO experience and do just fine as long as they apply themselves.
  10. They will show respect to a good officer, with or without a degree and will show zero to a crap one. The question is do you think you would make a better officer if you spent a few years at university. Personally I think you would, three years of having to pay your own bills, managing your own life, and not being able to run home to your parents will do almost anyone some good. The world I hear constantly through out my application is 'life experience' I really do not know many 18 year olds who have lived at home all their lives who have it, and your going to need buckets.

    Keep in mind by the time your application is all done and over with, and you have attended your main board it will likely be a year later any way, so going to university is really only a two year delay not three.

    Good luck.
  11. That said it should iron out the basic mistakes that everyone makes when they're first put in charge of anything, and having a basic idea of what admin is and how to work a rifle can only be a good thing.
  12. Being able to iron your own clothes is essential, knowing how to clean and look after yourself is essential. Everything else is a bonus.

    Of course knowing how a rifle works is good, bearing in mind our poor young fella here is asking some very basic questions, you are distracting from the point a little ;)

    My point stands, you dont NEED any military knowledge when you join, you will learn it all on the course..... if you can pick up a couple of bits in the mean time, winner.

    Having been through RMAS on the back of 8 years in the ranks, believe me when I say that having prior 'basic' knowledge doesnt always make life easier ;)
  13. Crikey, things have changed massively since my day then. In my platoon (which was fairly representative of a male Pl at that time) there was only 1 "military virgin" (someone with no experience of military life, be it UOTC or TA) amongst 30 blokes!
  14. Argue semantics as much as you like, you know exactly what I am on about. I did the factory in 2003.

    Personally I would suggest that OTC is no military experience and would actually equate to a bit of military familiarisation only.

    I can only use my intake as a reference but I was one of 3 serving soldiers in the whole intake and there were a couple of ex TA and HAC types too. That is what I consider to be a non military virgin, you can use your own reference if you like but it does muddy the waters somewhat.

    Of course, I do meet lots of ex UOTC/Welbexians etc who like to cite their 'schooling' and membership of what is essentially a developmental 'youth club as military experience. If that applies to you and you like to pretend you have been 'in' for years then help yourself.

    Prior Regs and TA service is all I recognise as being valid prior military experience.
  15. what should you be aiming for in terms of fitness (PFT, strength, tabbing?) in your opinion for the phys to not be incredibly disgusting?