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Discussion in 'Officers' started by sbbfc, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi, just a few questions if anyone out there can help,

    I sent my application in online for potential officer training and have my initial contact next week, what can i expect from this first contact? (it is with a Colonel), also as a Non-Grad apart from the lower salary are there any other differences i can expect to face at sandhurst (if i was to be successful) and beyond in the army.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dude, don't fret. If you are straight from school or gap year then you will be a little younger than the rest of your platoon and intake. If you have been loitering without intent in the civilian world then you have little to worry about. Academically it is not in the least bit challenging unless you are a total dullard. Get fit, learn to iron, read some newspapers and listen to Radio 4. More importantly, don't get yourself too worked up; remember you are not yet at war and lives at RMAS are unlikely to be lost.
  3. My advice would be to not take any advice that started with the word "Dude".
  4. Apart from the "Dude" the rest of the advice was pretty much spot on. I taught there for a few years and there was no real difference between grads and non-grads.
  5. It can be a bit galling, as a non grad, as so many of your peers from RMAS will be grads. Although i would be surprised if you are treated any differently by the staff there. Apart for the finance issue; who cares? You should be aware that you will spend more time at Regimental Duty, post RMAS, than your grad peers - in my opinion an excellent plus as that is what we all join for (though admittedly not as good for the bank balance).

    You will see Grad peers moving on much quicker in your respective early careers, but you are more likely to remain in command appointments, as you have more time to complete before your respective promotion. I spent 5 years in the Army before I even made the rank of captain, but all of it was commanding soldiers; not as a 2IC or running a desk-bound appointment at Regimental level. Lattterly your career will level out with your Grad peers, if you are in for the longer term - not for you to worry about at this stage.

    Also, depending on what you have been doing before joining, you may have better life skills and experience than a peer who has done little but study at University. This may make it easier for you to connect with your soldiers. Then again, it may not!!!

    Go for it though, and stop worrying.
  6. Yep same as Frankie, but was acting Capt within 2 years of RMAS.

    The only thing you must realise even though you may be older and probably a better officer (not becasue of age) etc the system places a "time bar" on your promotion. So you wont promote until you have done certain time.

    Look at Wills and Harry. Harry has done more time but Wills will get promoted sooner because he went to Uni.

    So what really gripped me (and hence leaving) was that you had some really shiot bods getting promoted earlier than you. Even the ones who shag their Cpls and get sacked from theatre.

    It will really hurt, when the people you went to RMAS with, are at their 1st look at Majority and then get promoted even the ones that left their 9mm pistol in Tesco's! (She is Int Corps.)

    Dont get me wrong, I would have still joined even if I knew the implications then (Things changed from Age Based promotion to Time Served when I was at RMAS).

    Remember once you have served you are a 100 times better than any non serving civi.
  7. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Sorry to hijack your thread sbbfc, but I'm currently in my final year of A-levels, and if I don't get a degree will be taking a year out and then hopefully going to Sandhurst.

    In my gap year I'm going to get some climbing qualifications (SPA at least), and probably teach English in South America for a few months.

    Would it be likely then that I could get into Sandhurst for September 2010? My Army Careers Adviser said that the Army would delay my joining Sandhurst until they felt that I was mature enough, is that a likely scenario?

    Thanks all,

  8. Hi TRSL, I have a son who was looking at the A level route and then onto RMAS but it was suggested that as 80% are grads and over 22 on graduation he would be best taking time out and getting a bit of life experience with a purpose. He is currently at Uni in year 2 having taken a gap year out. I on the other hand went in when I was 18 when it was 80% non grads and mainly schoolleavers. I think emphasis is now on having maturer types joining with the right approach, mature is the trip up factor.
  9. Though you ca easily be mature and younger than 21/22 - In fact, plenty of the graduates here right now at 21/22/23 could certainly do with maturing further!
  10. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    There are so many pros and cons, it isn't an easy decision..

    Is there something other than teaching that I could do in a gap year that would help me out in terms of gaining more 'world experience', as it were?
  11. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Gah double post, stupid InterHighway
  12. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I had an interiew with my Army Careers Adviser on Monday, and he made the point that going to Uni will end up being quite expensive, at least £20,000, and what I do at Uni won't equal the money I'll save by not going, and the money that I'll earn.

    He also said that I'd get £20,000 as a non-grad for my time at RMAS, but I thought that it was in the region of £12,000...?

    Could someone clarify that for me please?

    And could someone help me to make sense of please?

    Thanks all,

  13. TRSL,

    Those pay scales are a little out of date, but the careers adviser is wrong, at RMAS, as a non-grad,you get paid as an OCdt ( it was £33 a day when I was there), then on commissioning you get paid as an 2nd Lt for 2 years then you get Lt pay.

    Graduates at RMAS get paid as an 2nd Lt, then on commissioning they get Lt plus seniority from Uni.

    This does seem to suck, put hey, if you are earning money from 18 then its all good in the long run! Trust me it all works outs. However there are some non-grads out there who have a chip on their shoulder about the pay/promotion difference, usually the older ones though.

    If you have not passed the board then it could be worth applying to uni just incase. When I went through RMAS the non grad youngsters like me ( i was 18 and 4 months) had Army Scholarships so the Army could not say no or delay us ;)

    ps i didnt take a gap year, the Jan intake is the most mixed and therefore best for non-grads. in that few months after a levels go backpacking ect ( not just on the beers in oz though) to get some life experience.
  14. Currently, as a non-grad, post tax, I'm receiving in the region of £850-900 per month. It's not too bad...
  15. I joined as a Non-grad genuinely think its preferable - except for the money.

    You get longer in the lower ranks where you have more fun - bonus.

    You are more likely to have more in common with your soldiers - not always the case.

    You will take longer to promote to major but on an age comparison you will be at least equalt to them if not slighty younger when you reach for example major. Most of my contmepories from Sandhurst will or have become majors between 32-35. I should be at 30 - bonus.

    I was also lucky enough to do an in service degree so basically got paid as a Lt whilst at uni. They are not as common as they were but still exist.