Non-Flying AAC Offrs

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by RSigsSTAB, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Are there any non-flying officer roles in the AAC (and I mean cap-badged as AAC, not attached arms)?

    (I ask since I assume the eyesight requirement if you want to fly is nearing God-like?)
  2. Yes but only as an LE Officer.

    All AAC Direct Entry Officers have to pass the pilots course or find another Regiment.

    The eyesight requirements probably aren't as stringent as you's worth checking.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    If the reqs are anything like the RAF, then nothing less than absolute perfection is going to be tolerated!

    I'd assume that with the flying training all being Tri-Service now that the standards are also adopted across the board...
  4. Nope, because the emphasis for us is in getting good officers who we then train as pilots (no laughing from the NCOs please) and it is perfectly acceptable to fly wearing glasses/contacts.

    Because the RAF have ridiculous numbers wanting to join as pilots an easy filter is to set the eyesight standards initially very high.
  5. Very interesting - where would be the best place to find out more? (preferably without talking to a careers officer, since they'll want to interview me three times for suitability before answering anything...)
  6. Have you passed your RCB? Or are you at RMAS?
  7. RCB Briefing (Cat1) but not Main Board yet. Have done TCB as well (no TA digs please!)
  8. I got a cat1 - can i have a medal?
    Are the AAC sponsoring you? If not youve get plenty of time to decide yet, wait until you know a little more. Asking to not be insulted while having Stupid TA Bastard as part of your name is a bit daft.
  9. Very good point Burnsy old fruit. Keep up that level of perception and it's a meteoric rise to SIB stardom for you my boy. :D
  10. Ethel i have no desire to lower myself to SIB level :D
  11. Is it true that all the RMP lasses look like Tamsin Outhwaite???

    I'd wear a Red lid and be in the AGC for that.....
  12. Its very true, but they seem to hide somewhere and only appear when im pissed :?

  13. I saw someone in a T-Shirt in the Rugby Tavern on Sat that said "drink 'till they are cute". Sadly no amount of beer has made the majority of (straight) female soldiers I have seen pass that benchmark.
  14. Who in their right mind would ever, ever wish to be a none flying officer in the AAC?

    Career path would be a bit restricted, you could be MTO or the QM and even then you'd have to fight the hairy arrse LE b*stards for it :D

    AAC regiments are run by the SNCO's old boy, officers just sit next to SNCO pilots to balance out the aircraft :D