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Non-Epileptic Seizure, Joining up...


When I was 12 I had 3 seizures one month after the other - these were down to hormonal changes in my body whilst entering puberty and were not epileptic. I was put on medication for 2 years to control it and then I was discharged at 14 and fully clear of seizures. I'm now 18 and I want to join the OTC at uni before hopefully going to Sandhurst once I graduate at 22. I understand seizures are disqualifying but considering that I had a normal EEG during the time of my seizures and another normal one before I was discharged and because it wasn't epileptic would there be a chance of a waiver for the OTC? Especially considering as I haven't been diagnosed with anything! I'm pretty certain I would get a waiver (hopefully) at 22 when I go to join for real because I would then meet their guidelines of being 10 years free but I'm just really stuck now.

Do I lie on the form? Do I tell them and ask for a waiver? Or do I contact my doctor now to see her stance on it?

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lying would be foolish as it's bound to be recorded on the NHS records about you. I remember discharging several people while at an ATR when they were caught out. some of the medical matters they lied about would not even have prevented them from joining, however they were considered untrustworthy and therefore 'Defect on enlistment' and hoofed out
yeah precisely why I don't and won't lie on the form because I know it'll screw me up for when I want to go for real at 22! Would there be any chance of a medical waiver if my doctor stated how it wasn't epilpesy and how I'm fully clear of what I had 6 years ago? I'm slightly hoping they'll be more lenient because it's the OTC and they'll see that I dont have the medical issue anymore :/

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