Non Emergency 101 Phone Line

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 14, 2006.

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  1. It is hoped by 2008, a service will be in place for the public to report non-emergency issues relating to anti-social behaviour & public saftey.

    The intention is to improve citizens confidence in non - emergency services by providing high quality advice and information. It is also hoped too that the service will reduce calls to 999.

    Calls will be monitored to identify priority concerns for local areas. The 101 number is for examples where the public want to pass on intelligence about for example drug dealing which has taken place but not currently taking place.

    The passing of Intel over the phone on criminal activity surley comes under the RIPPA Act and the caller must be classed as an informant??. Any takers."
  2. Err... no. Unless you ask them to initiate/maintain a relationship that is covertly used for the gathering/dissemination of intelligence, which you aren't going to do on this scheme. The example above is nothing more than goes on with Crimestoppers.
  3. Ive just read the call is not free, 10p per call. Can you imagine how much is going to made out of those calls!!
  4. This gets better by the moment! Now we pay to help stop crime. What knucklehead thought of that one :? :?

    Government wasters :x :x

  5. "Hello, Non Emergency Police Particpation, may I be of help?"

    "I'm not sure, I've been stabbed by somebody who has broken into my house"

    "Is he actually stabbing you now?"


    "Then the Non Emergency Police Participation department is here to help you, you are at the right department. Can I make you an appointment?"

    "But I'm bleeding"

    "I'm sorry you'll have to hangup, ring 999 and ask for Ambulance"
    "May I take your details while you bleed?"
    "Would you like mornings or afternoons?"
    "I would like to thank you for ringing the Non Emergency Police Participation department and your appointment is next Tuesday at three in the afternoon."
    "To further our customer relations may I ask you a few questions?"
    "Do you have double glazing?"
    "Do you have private healthcare?"
    "Do you have a pension plan?"
    "Hello, hello!"

    "That's the fourth time this morning the line has gone dead on me"

    Transcript from a recent trial of the service.
    Lardbucket McNasty, celebrated SCUM journalist.
    Winner of the Wurlitzer Prize 2005

    LATEST NEWS - The call centre is now operating from India - LATEST NEWS
  6. I have a feeling that 999 will eventually be replaced via a backdoor if the labour sh1te hounds have anything to do with it..................

    EU emergency number - 112
  7. For the third time; we already pay for the police through income tax and council tax.
  8. They have to pay for the telephone operators from somewhere!
    'If you are reporting a traffic accident press 1..
    If you are having trouble with yobs kicking your fence down and pi##ing on your geraniums press 2
    If your car has been stolen and it has road tax press 3
    If it has not got road tax leave your details for us and press 4
    If you are reporting a burglary press 5
    If you have been mugged press 6
    To take part in our diversity/ethnic monitoring survey for call effectiveness press#
    To speak to a human press* and wait 20 mins to a tape loop of Greensleeves..... :roll:
  9. Wow, 10p per call!!!! feck me, the thieving bastarzz.

    [tumbleweed] Hands up all those who live in a force area where you have an 0800 number for non emergency calls????[/tumbleweed]

    now hands up all those who have to phone a local phone number - 0191, 0141, 0131, 020... etc, etc, and pay the local rate for the duration of the call, 10p's not sounding so bad now is it?

    Remember this is a NON EMERGENCY number, the whole point of doing this is to try and stop the window lickers who phone 999 to get a bottle of milk brought round or because they can't get up to change the telly - I Sh!t you not.

    All the time spent dealing with these and many other calls - reporting break in to car discovered hours after the event, reporting your shed broken into on return from holiday, the list goes on and on and on - means it takes you longer to get through when you have been stabbed, are being broken into and all the other ridiculous examples given above.


    {edited to add}

    Bagcharge, 112 has been running in parallel with 999 for years, I think it was sometime in the late 80's
  10. They have non emergancy numbers already though for local forces normally it is a local rate number - when my car got stolen I found this number and called it as I realised that it was not an emergancy as the event had taken place hours before. When I got attacked in my car I dialled 999 even though I was clear of the danger zone so to speak, however time was essential to catch the chav barsteward who did it.

    Why create this number (which admittedly will probably only cost a few pence more then the alternative) when this alternative already exists therby duplicating costs? Surely greater publicity of this existing service is needed? Yes the amount is still fairly small however most people wont consider the cost of the normal number when calling however they may think twice about calling regarding something like a gang of chavs outside their house if they knew if was a 'premium type number' (yes I know its not the same however its the best wording I could think off!). Plus the fact that the existing number will be local rate may mean that many people won't pay for it anyway as part of their phone plans.

    People will always sadly abuse the 999 system even if this new number is introduced, in fact even charging for the alternative will still seem a cheaper option to the 118 numbers to these mongs! All that can really be done (without risking people not correctly calling in an emergancy due to confusion / cost etc) is to further improve the operators training in spotting hoax calls and perhaps track those who do abuse it and then caution / fine / imprison accordingly

    edited to add that whilst it is 'only' 10p now what is stopping it creaping up to 'only' 12p / 15p / 20p / 50p?
  11. the main problem is that 999 is memorable. 01503 132 3819 392 (made up number!) is not.

    so the chav scum, lowest common denominator don't bother to get off their arrse and find the non 999 number, result is swamping of the emergency system.

    as for prosecution, there are very few prosecutions because the penalty is so low it isn't worth wasting more police time dealing with a single person who isn't a repeat offender.

    Creating a single non emergency number for a force does not have any cost implication for the force other than advertising - which is answered by your point of increasing publicity for the non emergency number.

    If your going to advertise it, why not do the sensible thing and make the number you are advertising memorable, at the same time have a high impact national comapaign spreading the cost accross all forces and give them all the same non emergency number which connects you to the local switchboard just like 999 does.

    This also has the added advantage of not having to change the number everytime a police station is moved, or when forces merge.

    Printing costs are reduced as all forms such as fixed penalties can be put out to one mass tender as they don't have to have individual force details on the back.

    All right I'm kicking the arrse out of it now, but hopefully you get my point - just because this probably came from a civil servant having a light bulb/flashing pound signs moment doesn't make it a bad thing.
  12. I agree entirely that having a short, memorable number for non emergancies is better then having a longer 'normal' number like you have suggested. And again agreed that the actual cost of the system may not be much that is of course if the other system is closed down.

    However as previously mentioned the 999 system will still be 1st choice amongst those amongst our society whos IQs would make brocolli (IQ 10 btw :) ) look intelligent no matter what alternatives are presented to them as proved by the type of caller saying that their taxi is late or they can't find a 24hr shop to buy milk, clearly they cannot decide what is a real emergancy?
    Also the existing system also caters for other types of call including general enquirys etc and so it may be the case that you find yourself with several numbers for several slightly differing calls, again not exactly brain intensive for most people however we do need to bare in mind said mongs as well as the elderly and others with poor memory.

    The other problem is linked to what is an emergancy? Yes it can be said if in doubt call 999 anyway but how long will it be till we see the 1st prosecution for alleged abuse because the operator interpreted the situation differently saying that they should have called the new number?
    Then how long untill we have one number for one type of offence e.g. car thefts, one for burglary, one for vandalism etc? We have all seen the collosal cock up when 192 was broken up (not a 100% comparison but you understand my point).

    Not saying it is a bad idea, just stating that it needs to be really thought through before even being considered for implementing.

    edited to add: as for tackling abuse - surely it is not beyond possibility to simply up the penalty coupled with better enforcement of them?
  13. P.S. You forgot to say "Your Call is valuable to us"
  14. Recently, my wifes' car was vandalised (for the third time) outside the hospice where she works as a nurse (some scroat had smashed the rear passenger window). When she came off shift, I took the car down to the local cop shop - it was closed. The following morning I rang the local 0845 number and was put through to crime reporting. This rang for about 10 minutes (all the while giving me reassuring messages about how busy they were) until I was cut off. Eventually, I went down to the cop shop when it was open, paid my 50p to park outside and managed to report the crime.

    My local force has recently been bragging about how reported crime is down - no wonder, they make it difficult to report the crime in the first place then charge you while you do it!

    Incidentally, I have my own ideas about toerags who vandalise nurses cars while they are helping the dying (there was a theft recently from the hospice chapel) and they are not very pleasant ones.