Non- Driver as Ops Staffy???

Ever heard of this? Has it already happened at a Sqn/Regt?

Only asking because I'm a Supply Controller (I refuse to be renamed) and it was one of the potential future jobs that my boss mentioned to me on my mid-term.

Wouldnt bother me if I ended up doing it but I imagine some driver types would take umbrage to it.........
Mate, your a Sup Con...all computers, tracking, RDD's, MJDI and all that. Way above a Drivers mentality. Im a Pet Op, i just mention Benoullis Equation and their eyes glass over! So you doing a job of Ops Driver Staffy will be a piece of pish.
After all all they do is collate the serciveability states and dish out driving details to the tps.
I should know, im in a Driver Regt/Sqn doing the Ops job now! I AM GOD!!!
WTF has trade got to do with working in Ops? You need shit hot management skills and a pair of balls that you are willing to use, unlike some I know.
CH5120, its not the actual job that bothers me, its the day to day whispers and shunning I'd have to put up with and the cliques in the Mess.

Errrrrrrrrr.................hang on,that already happens............!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah,seriously; I always thought the Ops jobs,especially SNCO i/c, were the preserve of drivers.Quite surprised when it was mentioned and sort of coming round to the idea.Its either that or stocktaking.Probably.
Go for the Ops job it can boost your career if you get some where near right.

S&R team will make your eyes bleed.
Go with what Strima said. In the Driver world, Ops is used for that little push up the Regtl standings. Rare for a Regt Ops Staffy not to come off the board. As for the clique, ignore it.
After seeing some of the dross from 94 Sqn even the Ops WO's get a boost up even if they forget to actually do their job for two years.
Some of the best Ops SNCOs Ive worked with have been Suppliers. Then again the rest were normally Dvr's. This is massively dependant on the unit however; I would suggest that the best selection for and Ops SNCO is the best SNCO from one of the predominant trade groups in the Regt. So a Tpt unit should have a Dvr, Movements a mover (I cant believe I just said that) and Supply unit supplier.

Well theres my ten pence!
Didn't think we had supply units anymore?..... best solution is that MCM decide who is going to a particular job and the Regt have nothing to do with it

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