Non drinkers and levy nights.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Brew_Time, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. The tea n toast thread has sparked me to write this thread.

    In our mess we had a guy who was a strict non-alcoholic drinker, however, during levy nights he was levied the same as everyone much to his annoyance. When a vote was due for a levied function he was always against but out voted. All he drank was orange juice. He was always off to see the RSM refusing to pay for levy nights.

    Anyone else have this in their messes and how was it sorted.

    BT. :D
  2. How about PAYD - Pay As You Drink!!!
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  3. Hmm, think that might be defeating the object of a levy night - lol.

    BT. :clap:
  4. It would.

    But it's a vexed question, and not a new one. Always been justified on grounds of majority rule, and the fact that anyone joining the services should know there is a drinking culture. But still no fun for the Rechabite. Perhaps best to ensure all non-players are fully included and appreciated in all other ways.
  5. Just put him on duty whenever there is a levy night.
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  6. Make him/her a Junior rank.
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  7. The levy he should pay is that every time he doesnt drink that all mess members could hang out the back of his missus - which would a) make him start to drink
    b) divorce his missus and then make start to drink
    c) fine him bottles of port for not drinking and we could p1ss all his port up the wall
  8. As a non drinker (retired when my liver waved a white flag!) I sympathise with the non-drinkers but the whole purpose of a levy night is to spread the cost between all those attending so that no one person gets stung with a heavy bar bill. This was particularly relevant when junior mess members used be bullied into buying drinks for their superiors that they could not afford to buy.

    Being the Presiding Member you are forced to do a balancing act between tradition and ‘modern’ thinking. I think pay as you drink is a sensible option in today’s Messes.
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  9. its lucky that its not pay as you w@nk as i would be in serious debt
  10. Quite right, however, its nice to be able to go out to a mess dinner / function and not have to put you're hand in your pocket for cash for rounds.

    BT. :)
  11. Arn't levy nights to ensure that any guests attending are hosted properly and that their guest bill is spread across the mess evenly or levied according to rank?

    Anyway, soft drinks cost as much as the alcohol anyway!
  12. And another thing.......
    I dont drink Tea or coffee, but am expected to contibute to the tea and coffee fund...

    Yes bring in PAYD(rink).
  13. maybe when the promotion boards come up each year they should include a detailed outlay for what is required when joining the scared the crap out of me when i realised how much dosh was actually required on initial "intake" for all the stuff required, many years ago though..times change
  14. This has always been a tricky problem when it crops up. One solution I was involved in was where the non drinker paid the standard mess entertainment share for guests irrespective of what was bought, as it was reasonable for the mess to require that, but on the remainder of shared drink expense he paid no share towards alcohol. but an enhanced share of the non alcoholic drink consumed in the mess which took into account the fact that he would consume more soft drink than other members of the mess.

  15. It's a drinking culture, you always see the same faces sitting in their mess dress at the breakfast table following a heavy night. If a restriction is not placed on how much a serious joe peahead drinks on a levy night in comparison with with joe average 8 pints then concessions should not be granted to the other end of the scale joe(anna) girly swot.