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Being an ex OTC-er, I have fond memories of kipping down under army bashas, first the old canvas variety and then the gucci DPM ones that came out the year I left. I've just bought myself a bivvi bag off eBay for a bit of summer camping, and I would really like to track down a basha to use as well. However, I'm joining a new climbing/walking group and I don't really want to rock up with anything DPM to sleep in/under, lest I be mistaken for some kind of scary knife-between-the-teeth walt that insists all my climbing chums do stag and keep talking about oppos when we're halfway up a crag.

Therefore, I'm looking for recommendations for civilian equivalents of the current issue basha, so that I don't end up on the hills with a blue builders tarp and a couple of multi-coloured bungies with frayed ends. I particularly want something really light, with that sort of waxy waterproof finishing the issue sheet has. Muted colours are preferable, so OG green would be alright I think. Any ideas?


Click on the word "crossfire" within Browny's post.


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browny31310 said:
Have a look atcrossfire. they sell a bivvy sheet in a proofed nylon material which may be suitable
Looks like the owners have a sense of humour :)

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Give these folks a look, Point North fabrics

You want Zero Perosity ripstop nylon, windproof and waterproof, choose colour and amount, add some 1 inch nylon tape and brass /plastic eyelets and then once designed find your nearest sewing machinist or DIY with your grannies singer!! (Get some strong nylon "e" thread and some size 16 needles)

You did say you were retired.... :wink:
GunsaBlazin said:
Retired from the OTC!

Not, like, real army or anything....
Ah so your retarded?, cancel making your own, simply stretch your bottom lip over your head and hey presto instant shelter for you ....and the rest of your rambling group. :lol:

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