Non Disclosure of Cap Badge

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by watertight, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Since I have been on ARRSE I have been assumed to be a Gunner, REME, AGC(SPS), RLC, Para and RM. Can anyone beat this capbadge assumption or do you all tell the truth? I just keep it tom myself so I can safely slate anybody I want to.

    not your best work - moved. mk
  2. I've been mistake for Queens Ganja Rifles, 49Para and Chimpy's CP expert
  3. There are people who know who u r..... they r watching u
  4. 49Para, Fireman and - the worst of all - accused of being a blerk.
  5. Womens Royal Auxillary Balloon Corps, 49 Regiment Etranger de Parachutistes, Romney Marsh Mountain Rescue and.......... god forbid.........................The Royal Logistic Corps................the shame of it..........
  6. No mistakes with me.

    Must just be luck i guess....
  7. Royal Signals... idiots. :geek:
  8. So which one is it then?
  9. Did you read in the Daily mail?

    They are planning to lock us all in the back of FFR's until a further use is found.
  10. A fat chick
  11. A fat chick?! LOL (well, you do find them here....)
  12. another great thread
  13. Yeah, but she really is fat.

    Some people just don't understand the difference between t'internet and real life though. I mean, I ask you - I will cough to being 49 Para vet and a TA member of the Queen's Ganja Rifles, and I might pass as a blerk, but I would never admit to being a fireman. The horror, the horror.......

  14. easy mistake to make though