Non-Deported Crim Kills Copper

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semmy, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Just on the News at Ten, one of thugs sought over the killing of the Bradford PC last year was considered for deportation following a previous offence but was allowed to remain as he "would be in danger if deported to his country of origin" (Somalia).

    Feckin disgusts me, once again an innocent pays the price for a criminals rights being upheld. Time for the roll out of the 1st Foot & Mouth Rgt of Foote in Whitehall I think, time some one was made accountable for this :(

    (sorry for the late edit to add my thoughts but I was bloody livid when I heard it).

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  2. It begs the question why, if criminals can't be deported, they are just released without supervision?
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So he goes & murders Sharon Beshnevsky & injures another. It beggars belief,surely some warning flags went up?
  4. This site reports he is not one of the 1,023 :?

    Norman Brennan makes a few interesting comments further down the same article

  5. I did jury service at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London two years ago. In the case I was sitting on, an illegal Albanian who had hit a woman in his car and drove over her without stopping, no tax no insurance etc.

    Off course we found him guilty and to our utter shock, the Judge bailed him for pre-sentencing reports, alas he never turned up to be sentenced!!.

    The whole judicial system in this country stinks.
  6. Immigrants can get away with murder. Literally! We will reap what we sow.
  7. 1,023? That sounds like statistics to me. I doubt they really know how many are actually at large. Or indeed whther the number 1023 is a sizeable proportion of the real problem or merely scraping the surface.

    Now I freely admit that I find charles clarke unlikeable in the extreme and he has never struck me as in any way talented. However fair is fair and so he deserves the opportunity to resign in good discipline. By 0830 tomorrow...
  8. Just pulling it off a website

    A couple of things to bear in mind these figures are for the ones the police have caught and managed to get through the courts, without do-gooders or CPS or the Home Secretary letting them go :? :?
  9. What I fail to understand is why any foreign nationals are considered for deportation. IMHO if they commit a crime on our soil, abusing their host. They should be deported without any further questions. If necessary after serving time. It should be that simple.

    What's that?? Your home country's government wants to lock you up? Tough Sh1t. I hope they get you for the crimes you committed before you left.

  10. [Quote sky news ] there are new plans for deportation , The sentencing guidelines council hopes to issue the proposals in the summer.
    what a surprise what other criminals are going to be let free after killing other people .
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Simple! Because it breaches their funking human rights & nosy doogooders like amnesty would have a field day!But the victim is then again overlooked as their feelings/wellbeing is a secondary consideration below that of persicution of the agressor by their home government!
    As far as I'm concerned,deport them!as soon as they're on that plane to hell!(in the hold preferably) it's not our problem anymore!
    Sure was'nt it the Aussies who sent a rapist back here after his sentence? You know,you often hear that 'Wally Umbogo will be deported after completion of his 6 week imprisonment for double rape & murder' but you NEVER hear of them actually deporting anyone,do you.
  12. Under this government , Iif one can call it that , British people are second class citizens in their own country.
    Any foreigner who commits any crime should automatically be deported , if the country they came from is a dangerous one ... tough.
  13. Interestingly enought, this chappy who they couldn't deport to Somalia has buggered off.. Bet you can't guess where to?

    Yup, Somalia.....

    (No web link as yet but it was on the YTV news this afternoon).
  14. What the hell is going on in this country that i love.

    Where are all the great brits, does anything exist of the characteristics that made our nation great.

    Where loosing ourselves in a pit of lefty apologetic slime. We cant even punish the giulty anymore because it interfears with their human rights, and no-one in power gives too fcuks either cos they totally detatched from reality or they plain just dont care.

    they dont have to live in the imigrant ridden slums theyve created, we do.

    i bet if there family members where mugged they might be more concerned about the victims and general publics human rights.