Non delivery to BFPO addresses

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by auldburd, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Is there somewhere to name and shame companies who don't deliver to BFPO addresses.
    Add to the list.

    I live in the UK, but they ain't getting my hard earned cash! FKrs
  2. Cotswolds Outdoor used to charge extra for BFPO delivery's, which is a crime really, considering that it just goes in the normal post to the sorting office and then the Puser takes it the rest of the way.
  3. Slightly diverting off course, but still in the spirit of the thread...

    Be careful if you post anything to anyone in Sarajevo (Op OCULUS?).

    The address is a BFPO number, but for some bizarre reason, it doesn't go through the BFPO system, but is diverted through the FCO!

    This means that FCO rules apply, which are far more stringent than BFPO. I sent a small box of goodies (tea bags and some sweets) to my bro who is at Camp Butmir. He got a letter from the FCO at Hanslope Park (near MK) telling him that as the package contained "foodstuffs" it was impounded.

    If he wanted it to be sent on to a UK address, it would cost him £10 in admin fees. If he didn't pay, it would be "destroyed" (probably eaten in their tea bar!)

    He also told me that the troops in Bosnia didn't qualify for any free "care packages" over the Christmas holiday, being the only BFPO excluded. Apparently, even the Falklands Garrison received them! Is this true?

    So, if you want to send anything to folks out in Bosnia, use the normal postal system (get the civvy address of where you're sending it) and do it "International Signed For". That way, it should arrive OK.

  4. Just as an FYI regarding FCO rules on posting things, the following is forbidden

    And elecrtical items, including things like MP3 players, can be a bit dodgy

    ANY kind of food - teabags should be ok but you won't get sweets through of any description

    ANY kind of liquid. As it goes in the Dip bag, they'll just refuse. It's not worth risking it as the entire package even for stick deodorant (or similar)

    Glass, knives, scissors, penknives or food of any description

    Basically, the rules are the same as when taking things on a plane.

    They used to take out offending items and post them on, but said that is too much hassle and stopped doing it.

    If anyone needs a comprehensive list, I can get one in a couple of days.