Non-Commissioned Engagement and Career Structures

I read this on the Serving Soldier website:

'A team is looking seriously into the future career format for soldiers with a view to possibly extending service up to 35 years for a limited number of trade groups across the Army.'

Is this a good idea?

It's already happening mate, the AGC (SPS) start VEng in a couple of years - they are the trial Corps - I think it's OK for non-combat trades, cant see it working for the Infantry though.
Why not the infantry or any arm/trade? If the individual can do the job why not? We all know the old and bold who can still hack it, beating the new guys and girls on PT, vast amounts of experience etc etc.. I know that promotion would slow but if you do the full time you'll get there in the end, after hard work and deserving it.
I've known plenty of guys who were running rings round the youngsters the day before there 22 year point and i know who i'd rather work with!

Promotion will be really quick when all the chuffin die hards cling on to there jobs like a bit of floating wood off the Titanic!!

The Army will become the RAF with a bunch of crusty old gits in the senior posts!
You will only have to look at the AGC in a few years time and see how it effects them.

It does seem like it is going to be the same as the RAF though, you will have to kill the bloke one up from you just to get promoted !!!

Still haven't actually seem any of the criteria for who is going to be offered VEng yet - Fully Deployable in any situation must be a certainty I would have thought 8O

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