Non-CEQ Courses and Funding

Gents, Ladies,

Just the other day I was made aware that the unit I currently serve with has zero funding for non-CEQ courses. Is this normal; does this kind of thing happen to other units? If so how do I get round it? I have heard that we all have an individual allotment for training needs but how do I tap into this pot (if there is such a thing).

(Resistance to Interrogation, Unarmed Combat that kind of thing)

23C K
Hmmm...who on earth do you work for??

First, does your unit have a liability for a certain qualification? Your training wing will let you know. If so, this makes life a lot easier.

Grab the Courses DCI (Trg Wg again) and identify what you want to do, and where. Photocopy the course application, and get your UIN from the Chief.

There are some courses that are unavailable, but these tend to be loaded by MCM Divs (marked by an 'X' in the DCI). Ask through your chain of command for clearance to go on the course, and fill in the application with your claimed priority. Don't bluff!!

As far as I am aware, the only incidental costs that a unit will incur sending you on a course is when you claim for hire cars etc. No unit is expected to pay for their soldiers to be trained!!

Good luck! :D
I’ll try to grab a DCI in the morning, it could be hard tho’, no training wing here. Thanks for your prompt reply.

I was told that all courses where now paid for by ‘your’ unit. I’ll give it a whirl and see what pops out.

“Hmmm...who on earth do you work for??” ……An ass.
DCI's are sent to the unit, and then routed to the trg wg, assuming there is one! :wink:

In your case, I would check with your SPS people, as all DCIs should be logged in (at least) and they will know where to look! :D

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