Non-British Nationality

If you are non-british or basically from common wealth country who wants to join the british armed force then is it true that residency requirement is mandatory to go for trade like military clerk, signals etc. even though you have the qualifications?
It depends on what country you came from. The residency requirements differ from country to country.

The best thing to do is to call Corps you are trying to join and ask them. The AFCO is a good place to ask of course, but TBH they aren't very good at rooting out information for some reason and you may be given duff info.

Get a 2nd opinion and go straight to the source!


decide what it is you want to do and find out directly from the corp your interested in, you definitely need to either do it yourself or get your redruiter to do it do it for you.

it depends greatly on the trade some need different types of security clearance and your country of origin. for instance there was a guy i was training with from Zimbabwe, he was resident in the UK for a few years though but it still meant he was very limited for job choices.

so in short, narrow job choices down to what you would like, then find out directly

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