Non-battle scars: US military rape victim shares her pain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Strange? 1 in 3 raped and add that to the 75 % who don't don't report it? Do the sceptics have time to do anthing else!

    Bloody good time management though
  2. Commie,

    And your point is?

    Are you suggesting that you are surprised that such crimes happen?

    Are you surprised that such crimes are aired in public?

    Are you surprised that a criminal investigation will be held?

    Are you surprised that the US Army is able to deal with these issues without calling on the KGB?
  3. Haven't looked at the links... but dk, perhaps they meant that 75% of the 1:3 raped, reported it?
  4. It must be stopped.

    No but the scale is huge

    Note, aired by Russia Today TV. As for main American TV channels then I don't know.

    In some cases it possible but only few will be really punished as previous years show.

    As I see the US Army is unable to deal with these issues.
  6. Haven't these all proved to be b0110cks?

    Last time they reckoned that birds were dieing of heat stroke, because they were to tired to get an escort to the bog at night, as they were all dead tired instead of rigging up a crude pissoir in the tent they just didn't drink anything, but the blokes were able to maraud around all night raping at will... apparently.

    And, of course, the birds armed themselves with knives.... despite also being armed with firearms and bayonets.....
  7. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nothing like this goes on in the Russian army they are too busy organising the institutional rape of the latest batch of conscripts.
  8. Rapes in the ranks of Russian army is something exceptional.

    And situation in the British army I believe is quite different. Are rapes a problem in HM armed forced? I believe that no. Let's look at NATO countries - France, Germany, Italy, Spain... There is no such problem.

    So why rapes is a problem in the US army? What is the cause?
  9. what is the cause in any civilised society?
  10. Amusing that the first we hear of these MANY alledged atrocities is from some obscure website via KGB res. This all in the USA, with the most invasive and open press in the world, who's rights are defended by statutes of law.

    Russian press on the other hand.......
  11. But do you think that 1 in 3 women is raped in any civiised society?

    If the interviewed women would work in a bank then even in the case of attempt there would be a tough reaction.

    As for US army then frequently there is no punishment at all or it is symbolic.
  12. Pinch of salt required for this somewhat fishy affair methinks.
  13. It is not an obscure website. It is a state-run 'Russia Today' TV that is backed by huge informational and financial resources. Sometimes it highlights something that 'free' American TV prefer not to mention.

    By the way, the situation is absolutely symmetric. Western mass media like to speak about facts and events in Russia that are unpleasant for Putin's thieving regime and that Russian press controlled by Putin's gang prefer not to mention.
  14. Hang about there a moment, Tovarich. I remember the Soviet propaganda we used to get in the 70's which was also backed by huge informational and financial resources but 90 pc of it was found to be a small kernel of dubious fact blown up out of all proportion. I have no doubt that some wimmin get raped. As indeed some people get murdered. But I would like to see some hard facts and not stuff vomited from sensationalist new agencies. After all, there was a time in UK when the Sun newspaper said that 90 pc of wimmin wanted norks like Samantha Fox. But I doubt that was based on substantial research either.