Non attributable injury? PAP10

Hello all,
I'm currently in the RLC just passed my 8 year point. I have been temp downgraded for the last year and now looking at a a perm downgrading.
My injury/conditions was not caused by the military and therefore I believe Non Attributable.
I won't go into detail of injury but basically it's a vascular problem which means I am unable to do normal pt and suffer pain etc.
As I'm looking at a perm downgrading I have been warned off of a likely PAP10/Admin discharge. I understand why the army would want to take this route.
My question is if I was PAP10'ed would I be entitled to any resettlement, pension or "payout"
Don't wan to sound like a compo chaser just trying to get a better idea of where I'll be at financially.
I have had a look around the site but can't see much info regarding non attributable injuries.

Thanks in advance.
Have a shufti at the attached link below - all you need to know in there but in short:
  • You've done more than 6 years which means you are entitled to the full resettlement package.
  • You may receive a lump sum (basically your occupational pension brought forward) but will need to seek advice from SPVA about this.
  • You may go through the RECU process, something that attempts to find alternative employment for you either within the same Corps or in the wider Army. The important point here is that if you are found alternative employment do not refuse it - this will result in an admin discharge.
  • You will be entitled to use some of the services provided by the Defence Personnel Recovery Centres (Tidworth, Colchester, Catterick and Edinburgh. I'd advise that you do this particularly if you require advice from SPVA or TRBL.
Does it matter if its been caused by the Army or not? If you're unfit for duty for whatever reason then you can't do your job, and will be re-assigned or PAP10'd out.

As another poster said, don't refuse the offer of re-employment somewhere else. If you're RLC I imagine that another job won't be hard to find, given the size of the Corps.
I don't think it matters what the injury is or how it was caused regarding PAP10. If you get injured and are permanently below minimum employment standards the PAP10 process starts. AFCS won't pay out though.
I'm RLC in the same boat mate. Just waiting to find out what's happening. The previous poster is correct when they say don't turn down an offer of employment or it's an admin discharge. This could be a transfer to another trade too. PM me your email and I'll send you the PAP10 chapter I mentioned.

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