Non Article 5 Medal/ISAF Nato Medal

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What is the sketch with being given but not being allowed to wear the Non Article 5 NATO medal if you have served in the Balkans before? Am i talkin pants or has someone actually told me the truth? While im at it has anyone seen the eligibilty rules for this new NATO (ISAF) Afghanistan medal.
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Why can't you just wear the GSM. It looks far better and is made of some nearly type metal as opposed to some pressed carboard?
The new 'non Article 5 medal' cannot be worn if you have already got a Former Yugoslavia/Kosovo medal from the UN in your possession.

If you want the whole spiel regarding eligibility for the OSM Afghanistan, PM me and I will sort it. It's too long and boring - even by my standards. :D
There was a DCI published a few months ago cant remember exactly when, about the qualification criteria for Afghan medals. Depending on where and how long you served will tell you what you can apply for. if your still in the same unit and your Adj is on the ball he should already have asked for returns. If not dig out the JS DCI's fill in the form and pass it through your admin setup. This months soldier has a nice picture of the medal and suprise suprise its not blue ribon.

Hope this helps

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