non article 5 medal afghan

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. any guru's out there clarify something for me please.

    am i entitled to claim this medal (herrick 2006 & 2007), i know that cannot wear it next to the osm but just wondered if i can ask for it before i get out in a couple of months.

    only asking as our lads have just come back & they all got both medals whereas we never.


    all the best
  2. You can ask but if they have none you probably wont get one for a previous tour, best to buy off Fleabay for a fiver.
  3. If you qualified for the OSM then you're entitled to the non article.
  4. got it 3 years ago & now mounted with others.
  5. Not allowed to wear the non-article 5 though.
  6. aye i know that G_M stated that in the first statement (not paying again to get my medals remounted for the sake of one more), but never been issued one so in principal i should be able to ask for one
  7. Agreed you're not allowed to wear it (including mess dress). There's bound to be some lying around in a clerks office somewhere. I know our clerk had a box full of them gathering dust in his stationary locker.
  8. one of our lads just been crated for wearing it on his #1's for his wedding
  9. What Medal was issued before the non article 5

    I was there just the Loya Jurga (Mong Spelling)

    and I still havent got a Medal
  10. Well you were on Herrick when I was there, and I got mine.

    And apparently you can get one for every tour of Afghan, but might just be a roumer.
  11. If you could, why would you bother? For all the use a non-article 5 afghan medal is...

    Now if it was made of chocolate...
  12. Waaahh? If not then.....

    I take it you were on Op Fingal? If so then its the same OSM.

    I was issued mine after being in Kabul in 2002 and the same medal is being issued for Op Herrick.
  13. I was on Fingal, went up to Bagram to support Jacana and have deployed twice on Herrick (I loves Afghan, I do!). I didn't get the Non Article 5 for Fingal/Jacana but I got it in 2007 for Herrick 6. Waste of time if you can't wear it. I also got the Non Article 5 for Oculus but again, can't wear it because I already have the NATO Kosovo medal.
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  14. well we can't have the queue jumpers having loads of gongs and looking like real seniors in the mess now can we :twisted: