Non-Article 5 Balkans Medal - Cant wear it!

I have done Balkan tours with UN and NATO between 1993 and 1999, and got the relevant Corkage for my 2's. When I recently went to Kos I got given a medal and told I couldn't wear it because I already had NATO medals from before. I wouldn't mind but the medal ribbon is of a completely different design. Thoughts?
You are only allowed to wear the 'new' pan-Balkans medal if you haven't got any of the others. Bonk? Yes. The decision was taken for political reasons, as the move away from 2 separate medals (representing 2 separate zones and op tours) was not something UK PLC necessarily agreed with (still 2 separate ones in spirit if not practice), unlike the US who were driving for it to allow them to make certain troop economies by spreading out across one with a unified HQ structure stretching back to (what was) AFSOUTH.

I personally think we should allow our people to wear it as some really 'lucky' types will actually get all 4 - representing a truly astonishing period in European history - if they did! :D

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