Non application for pension on JPA

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by yozza, Aug 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I've recently joined due mainly to the fact that that when I dial the number on the SPVA (I know, I've read the threads) letter it puts me through to the JPAC inquiry center. Not really helpful, as they seem to know as much as the bloke in my local...

    A little like me saying that if you need me to help you fix your car dial 999

    Anyway, my question(s) are these; 'she' has pursued divorce (held it over my head) for the past 18 months, but never actually going through with it, until now (I'm due out Jan 2014). I've done the pension assessment for divorce thing, which they screwed up by not 'aggregating' my split service. Now, from what I've read, without me applying for my pension to be aggregated, it wouldn't be payable until I am 55. So, does that mean if I don't write to SPVA to aggregate it, any award either of us is given of my pension (lump sum or otherwise) wouldn't be seen by her or me until we are 55 (if she makes it that far ;))

    Additionally, if i don't fill in and transmit the application form for my pension via JPA prior to discharging, will the pension ever become payable? As far as I'm concerned, I've spent 22 years providing for my family, when all she wants to do is continue to harass me for money. CSA and anybody else that would listen have been involved.

    So I feel that the only way to not feel over a barrel is to never apply for my pension. It's just money...

    To summarize, I want (just like anybody else) to give her sod all, is it possible without people dying?? =D =D
  2. One other thought; is there any upside to going AWOL this late in the day? ;)
  3. I know my ex husband isn't entitled to any of my pension. But in saying that I took a hold until 55 on my service but a lump sum on my officers.

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  4. And no don't go AWOL. It's not worth it now.

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  5. Why don't you have a quiet word with her and tell her that if she makes a claim on your pension it well may put her over the threshold of claiming certain benefits that she could be entitled to. Plus she'll have to pay tax on the pension. So she may end up losing by trying to gain her share.
  6. If you are going to have a pension sharing order (PSO) you will have to give the court a CETV which is specially provided for divorce purposes. The normal forecast will not do. SPVA then have to look at all the pension 'assets' you have build up and quantify them for the court.

    The PSO once granted means that your ex is a member of the scheme in her own right and it makes no difference whether you transfer out, or do or don't claim. If you need to speak to a solicitor who understands AFPSs (and 75 in particular) send me a PM.