Non answer for Hercules for UK Special Forces

Discussion in 'House of Commons' started by Jeneral28, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. [h=3]Hercules Aircraft[/h]Dr Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether Hercules transport aircraft will be kept in service to meet the needs of forces designed for special operations; and if he will make a statement. [167834]
    Mr Robathan: We do not comment on any aspect of special forces operations.
  2. Jesus ****ing Christ, are you some sort of knob?
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  3. 'Go and drop dead how dare you curse like that. Get lost and hope you die.
  4. And your point is?????

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  5. Was that the second part of Robathan's reply?
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  6. RQMS in the light of that withering repartee I think you can consider yourself told. Better go to bed with no milk matey!
  7. Why hasn't Jeneral28 been tagged yet?
  8. I could tell you but I won't

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  9. Are we not bestest friends any more?
  10. Jeepers, crivens and crikey!

    Gadzooks also.