Non-accidentally Car Accidents. What Camera?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by rgjbloke, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. I expect most people will have heard stories of or seen the video where as someone is driving along, the car in front suddenly stops abruptly and before you can say, Ooh I didn't see that coming, they have reversed into you and you are surrounded by the occupants screaming I've got neck whiplash and it's all your fault!

    It's a common thing in Russia apparently and I do recall seeing a video on here not too long ago where the victim luckily had a camera in his car and the perpetrators buggered off when they realised they had been filmed.

    It seems that this extremely odious practice is coming to the United Kingdom! Someone I know was driving in West London recently when exactly that happened to him. The bastards got away with it as well managing to claim £6000 off of his insurance because of the old adage, it must have been his fault because he was behind them. How else could the "accident" have happened?

    Has anybody else heard of this happening anywhere in the UK? These were travellers of some description but I expect a large range of others will start doing it when they hear how easy the money is!

    Lastly...... And the reason for posting here! Anybody able to recommend a decent and affordable in car camera which would at least allow you to disprove any spurious claims against you and let you to claim for damages to your vehicle without breaking the bank for the camera?
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  2. Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but have you read this lot?
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  3. Cameras only show where they are pointing. They also are a target for thieves. Finally you can have them used against you, if you have a serious accident. Imagine making a mistake and having your own camera used against you, to do you for causing death by dangerous driving...

    If you really want one keep it. However accept that some muppet causing an accident is just part of the risk of motoring. There are more things to lose than to gain by having them.

    And if you want one, splash out the cash and get a gopro. You will be able to use it for any sports as a POV camera as well, and they can put up with a world of abuse. Even the older ones are quality and are cheap now.
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  4. Leaving aside the slightly strange choice of forum to post this in, are you serious?

    It's a way of life for some people.

    Edit:- Oh, okay the camera. Got it.
  5. I'll just say this once more. Many companies are forcing drivers to have cameras in work vehicles. These are used to sack staff if they cock up. The video will not stop the types of claim you are talking about anyway, as you didn't leave a gap big enough. At the end of the day, they are a dangerous thing to have in a car.
  6. Apparently there was plenty of room between the vehicles. The perpetrators reversed several yards backwards to achieve the crash.
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  7. There was a gang doing that very thing and making a very good living out of it in West Yorkshire. From what I remember of the story they carried out the "accidents" at the same roundabout. People working at an office block overlooking the scene noticed this going on too often to be true so hey rang the fuzz. The cops then filmed it all going on and nicked them. I think they actually ran a claims management company.
    They ended up with a custodial sentence (probably not very long).
  8. WTF are you on about?

    The camera films you stopped and the car in front REVERSING into you.

    How exactly is that in any way the fault of not leaving a big enough gap?

    You do dribble some ******* shite.
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  9. I do recall reading that but I couldn't remember where it was. The incident I have written about was to me at least, a more recent development of what you wrote about so extensively.

    Perhaps a Mod might want to merge this thread into the one where your report is?
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  10. I got fed up of near misses due to numptys that can't drive so I stuck a dash cam in my car - vfalcon is the make under £150 including a decent size sd card - full hd at 30fps,gps tracking and G force monitoring as standard - seriously considering another one for the back windows to clock the twats that love to tailgate and make abusive gestures when you dare to stick to the speed limits

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  11. That looks just like what I'm thinking of buying. Thanks for that!
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  12. Where have you been? This is so common now in the NW of England, that the insurance investigators are very hot on the subject. Particularly in Preston, Bradford, Leeds...
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  14. I know there have been all kinds of car accident insurance scams happening for a long time. Arte et Marte has done a very comprehensive report on many examples and he has referred to that earlier in this thread.

    My purpose in raising it here was that after hearing about the incident I wrote about at the start of this thread, the people doing it seem to have taken on a much more open and brazen approach to doing it and I particularly wanted to ask if anybody knew of an appropriate camera that was available to help you defend yourself against this kind of fraud.
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  15. If you look elsewhere for a larger and or cheaper micro SD card be aware that you need a minimum of class 6 (Off the top of my head) for HD recording otherwise it can lead to stuttering during the recordings.

    I can't really help with regards to a dashcam but I have bought cheaper sports cams before finally paying out for a GoPro, I would suggest buy one that is designed for what you require and is fit for purpose even if it costs as the cheap stuff is cheap for a reason.