Nominations for the Hateworthy Cnut Awards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. My nominations.

    TV Cooks, basically - cnuts who know less than my gran (RIP) showing dumb arrsed twats how to cook.

    Any cnut buys a dog then dresses it up like a twat with ribbons and coats.

    People who have conversations with their pets, especially dog talkers.

    People who dawb paint on a canvas or similar, or pile up shite then call it contemporary art.

    The BBC and every cnut in it.

    Bald headed cnuts who take the little bit of hair and lay it over their ugly bonnet, like they then complain when they get fingered and arrested for murder when they look like a nonse. Obviously asking for it.

    And Carol Vorderman.

    Oh.. nearly forgot. Southerners.
  2. Agreed on Southerners. Any fool who would willingly accept paying £1.30 for a 330ml can of Coke saying "Oh, it's just London prices" deserves to be punched in the throat.
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  3. NEE NAW NEE NAW NEEE NAW the correct word is nonce - good morning
  4. But only after you have sorted her out
  5. To test out the proper response to this, I've just had a five-minute conversation with my dog about the novels of Kingsley Amis, and as I suspected, it was a lot more interesting and enlightening than reading the bile-filled rantings of the OP.
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  6. You leave my bile filled rantings alone you fooking woofta
  7. I'm sure a nice chat with a collie or, as you're northern, a whippet, would help you to calm down a bit.
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  8. It's not London prices.... It's only the Northern Monkeys that get charged that much - for the privalidge of being allowed to enter our city.
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  9. Eyup! Dunna thy start in on t'whippets!
  10. to be fair this is coming from a man who drank too many cappucino martinis and banged his head on his own sink at home. then came on arrse and asked if you were dying or not.

    I paid £5 a pint at the weekend in London Bridge. Nice boozer, mind and good company. But it is nice going up North and paying 1960s prices!
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  11. Robbeaus, a cunt any which way you look.

    In fact the only thing he isn't is eligible for disability benefits, the lying, bluffing, pikey dole bludgeoning cunt.
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  12. the twats that decide what makes interesting tv, it seems to be filled with
    "Is the answer A,B,C" programs
    CSI Plean,CSI Benbecula, CSI Milton Keynes, CSI ETC
    "OH! That's reallty old and would be worth £3.50 if it didn't have that crack" Programs
    and He's crashed He's crashed He's crashed, scarey police chase
    And "I'd like to shag the padre please!"
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  13. On balance, I'd much rather talk to a dog than a southerner, although looking at the women down there, I've clearly had conversations with a few howlers mi self.
  14. In any case, London types, depending on social class, drink either lager or Evian. Only the newer arrivals drink Cola:

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  15. Knob

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